Vacation Friends Sequel In The Works At Hulu After Massive Debut

Vacation Friends debuted on Hulu over the weekend, starring Lil Rey Howery, Yvonne Orji, John Cena, and Meredith Hagner as a couple of friends who have a wild time on vacation only for their relationship to take a more awkward turn months later. We didn't like it, but I guess a lot of you did. It is now the most successful Hulu film debut in the streaming services history, and a sequel is being put on the fast track called Honeymoon Friends. Clay Tarver will be back to write and direct, as will the entire cast of the first film. Deadline had the news.

Vacation Friends: Flipping The Usual Expectations On Their Ear
Vacation Friends. Credit Hulu

Vacation Friends Sequel Feels Inevitable As You Watch It

Here is what we had to say about Vacation Friends: "As far as the comedy in the film, sure there are a few good one-liners in there, but most of the jokes and set-ups feel like jokes cut from SNL sketches the past five years. There is no real story here, just moments to get to the next joke. And one of the central plotlines of the film is centered around a situation where consent comes into question, played for laughs multiple times, and it feels very icky. I usually do not have a problem with cringe comedy, but we all have limits, and those kinds of jokes are irresponsible and disappointing to see. It for sure feels like this is a comedy by committee, and it would have been better to see Vacation Friends have more focus and one clear voice coming through."

Hopefully, they shy away a bit from some of that questionable humor found in the first for a bit smarter of a film, but I doubt that they will. If anything, expect them to double down. One can hope, I guess.

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