Warner Bros. Delays Furiosa to 2024 & Dates Salem's Lot for Sept. 2022

Another day, another delay, and this time it comes from Warner Bros. The prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road has been one of those movies that everyone has been keeping an eye on, and no one is really sure what to do with. Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best movies of the entire decade and, despite only being a modest hit when it was released in 2015, it only went on to garner more and more critical acclaim as the years have gone on. Director Geroge Miller has been talking about doing some sort of prequel for a while now, and Furiosa looks to be finally getting off of the ground. Anya Taylor-Joy was cast in the lead role, with Chris Hemsworth and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II also joining the cast. The movie was initially dated for June 23, 2023, but according to Variety, the movie has been delayed a full year to May 24, 2024. Honestly, however long Miller needs to make this movie, he should get it. The first one is an absolute kick in the guts action movie that will be hard for even the original creator to top.

Mad Max Furiosa Spinoff is Happening, Anya Taylor-Joy Cast as the Lead
Anya Taylor Joy arriving for the London Critics' Circle Film Awards 2019 at the Mayfair Hotel, London. Editorial credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com

Over on the horror movie end of things, on top of the announced Furiosa delay, Warner Bros. has also officially dated the new version of Salem's Lot for September 9, 2022. The last month or so, the cast has been filling out with some big names joining, such as Makenzie Leigh,  Bill Camp, Spencer Treat Clark, Lewis Pullman, and Alfre Woodard. The movie just started filming this month, and turnaround on horror movies tends to be faster than other genres, so it isn't that surprising that Warner Bros. dated this one for just under a year away.

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