Watch 22 Minutes Of Evolve Single Player In This New Commentary Video

One of the big complaints I've heard around the community about Evolve, besides the absurd DLC options available, is the question of the longevity and the single player experience provided.

Turtle Rock today took the chance to try and address the single player complaint at least.

The developer released this 22 minute video showcasing two single player matches, one as the monster and one as the hunters. It comes with commentary too to explain what is going on. The voices are a little too excitable for me, but in the world of growing e-sports, I suppose it's there for the kids.


The ability to switch between hunters is the real seller. It's a great way to see what each class is like in the flow of play.

Also, progress and achievements will carry over into multiplayer. That is really a good choice by the developer. Letting people play the game and progress as they want should be very inviting for players.