#WomenBoycottTwitter To Stand Against Being Silenced

It hasn't been a good week for the entertainment industry. Some major allegations have come out about some of the most powerful men in Hollywood, and they are ugly. The only thing more depressing about these allegations is seeing how surprised some people — mostly men, sorry guys — are by them. This sort of thing has been going on for decades; where there is a powerful man he is using that power over women. This sickness has always been there and the world is only just starting to see how bad it really is. After twitter suspended Rose McGowan's account, effectively silencing a victim, women and their allies decided they have collectively had enough.


The #WomenBoycottTwitter is a twenty-four hour boycott of the social media platform to protest the fact that McGowan is silenced by people like Richard Spencer and actual Nazis are allowed to continue to let their toxic voices. It's not just women taking a stand as many men are also jumping on to let ever the world know that silencing victims will not stand.

Are you taking part in the twitter boycott?

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