WWE Launches New Weekly Hindi-Language Show In India: WWE Sunday Dhamaal

WWE Launches New Weekly Hindi-Language Show In India: WWE Sunday Dhamaal

WWE's push into the Indian market took a major step forward today when WWE and Sony Pictures Networks India announced a new Hindi-language weekly television program, WWE Sunday Dhamaal. Running each Sunday from 6-8 PM on Sony Max, the show will feature replays of what happened earlier in the week on RAW and Smackdown Live, so essentially it will be just like RAW and Smackdown Live, which feature roughly twenty minutes of new wrestling per week and fill the rest of the time recapping what happened earlier in the night.

In addition, WWE Sunday Dhamaal will have "exclusive features giving Indian fans a unique, localized WWE experience beyond Raw and SmackDown each week." Such as face promos by Jinder Mahal, whose push was rumored to grow out of WWE's desire to expand further into India. Mahal, who often ends his English language promos by stopping to address "his people" in Punjabi. Of course, unlike his heelish English-language promos, Mahal's Punjabi-language promos are reportedly designed to present him as a fan favorite in India, part of a calculated attempt by WWE to capitalize on nationalism and xenophobia in the audience from both countries.

WWE Launches New Weekly Hindi-Language Show In India: WWE Sunday Dhamaal
In a video region-locked to India, Jinder Mahal and the Singh Bros promote WWE Sunday Dhamaal as cheerful music plays.

Of course, It wouldn't be WWE without blatant social media self-promotion and celebrity ass-kissing, so this stuff will happen as well:

Fans will be able to engage with WWE Sunday Dhamaal through social media in a segment called Debate of the Week. Viewers can share their opinions on Facebook and Twitter, and the best posts will be displayed on-air. The weekly show will also include trivia contests with chances to win WWE merchandise. WWE fans from the world of sports and Bollywood will also appear as special guests.

Well-known television personalities Salil Acharya and Madonna Tixeiran will host the show, which will also air in English on addition to airing in Hindi on Sundays at 10AM on Sports Ten 1. That means that there will be a show, in English, available on the internet somewhere that condenses the combined 5+ hours of RAW and Smackdown Live into just two hours. They've really got it good over there in India.

WWE Sunday Dhamaal will launch on June 25, and replaces the previous program, RAW Sunday Dhamaal.


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