Wrestling Community Responds to Wave of WWE Staff and Talent Releases

As we've been reporting on all day, WWE has done a number of layoffs today. From staff to talent, there have been a number of heartbreaking layoffs. Wrestlers from all over are going to Twitter to share there heartbreak and solidarity with those who have been let go. From simple emoji's to heartfelt anger, we all share in how these talented wrestlers are reacting to the massive cuts from WWE. Here's just the first sampling of reactions, beginning with Bray Wyatt basically tweeting how many fans feel after these recent cuts:

Triple H is looking for someone, courtesy of WWE.
Triple H is looking for someone, courtesy of WWE.

  • Paige chimed in for her wrestling family:

  • Will Ospreay shared his sentiments about his fellow wrestlers being let go today:

  • And then retweeted Drake Maverick's emotional video announcing his release from WWE:

  • Alexa Bliss shared similar sentiments:

  • On-air announcer Charly Caruso wished the best for her now-former colleagues:

  • Renee Young also expressed her heartbreak over the loss of so many of her WWE family:

  • Ember Moon, who has been MIA as of late, is heart-broken for her WWE family:

  • Charlotte Flair had a simple, yet effective, reaction:

  • Tama Tonga summed up exactly how I feel:

  • Jordynne Grace expressed how many of us are likely feeling:

  • While Chris Bey offered some words of encouragement:

Yet in the end, Johnny Gargano expressed exactly how we're all feeling:

With WWE winning the fight to become an essential business, to furloughing employees via text messaging, to cutting many superstars from the roster, today has been a dark day in wrestling. While many fans are rightfully furious and pointing out all the wrong that WWE has done over the years, it's more important than ever to support your favorite talent. If one of your favorite superstars was let go today, check out their social media for any online stores with their merchandise.

Many wrestlers have merch for sale through Pro Wrestling Tees, so be sure to buy a shirt or even a pin. Don't have the spare cash? Share their links with your friends and family — getting eyes on your favorite talent is a great way to support them as well. Stick with Bleeding Cool during this time of massive uncertainty. While everything is looking pretty bleak, we will overcome this together. Stay safe, stay strong, and cry if you need too.

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