ArenaNet is Giving Away a Roller Beetle Racing Themed Car

ArenaNet is rolling out Roller Beetle Racing in Guild Wars 2 starting tomorrow, November 27th. Roller Beetle Racing allows players to strap in to their roller beetle mounts and face off in head-to-head races across five unique tracks. The new public events will be available to all Guild Wars 2 players, veterans and brand new commanders alike. […]

Kanye West Tweets Grand Theft Auto IV Concept Car Mod

Kanye West is in a weird place right now, we can all agree on that, yes? Since his public fallout with President Donald Trump, the artist has changed up his social media presence. Currently, his twitter feed seems more like the Pintrest board of a very easily distracted soccer mom. With no commentary, Ye has just […]

Mighty Thor #706

The Journey of Jane Foster to Valhalla (The Mighty Thor #706)

At the end of The Mighty Thor #705, Jane Foster dies. Um, spoilers. Well, the storyline was called The Death of Thor, Foster was in the late stages of cancer, and her transformation into Thor rid her body of the effects of chemotherapy on the cancer, and she died saving Asgard. So there's that. But […]

Nissan's Latest Ad Is Already Riding 'The Last Jedi's Coattails

In an ad that is supposed to be all about how impressive Nissan's new driver-assistance 'Intelligent Mobility' software is, the takeaway message is that The Last Jedi is awesome and the only way to experience it is by owning a Nissan. Yeah, it's not the greatest ad message, because it leaves us with so very many […]

Honda Are Unveiling A Minnie Van At D23 This Weekend

You know how, when you go to a Disney park, you get a pair of mouse ears, because that's just what you do at Disney? Well, now try and imagine transposing that over to your car. When D23 opens tomorrow morning, Disney fans will get a chance to witness the glory of Honda's Minnie Van. […]

F1 2017 Will Include Fernando Alonso's 2006 Renault

Renault has become the latest team to have an iconic car recreated in F1 2017, the official video game of the 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship. Codemasters and Deep Silver have today released a brand-new trailer showcasing the classic 2006 Renault R26, which powered Fernando Alonso to the 2006 World Drivers' Championship. Further classic […]

NASCAR Heat 2 Is Official

704Games, the only ones allowed to make NASCAR games, announced today that NASCAR Heat 2 will be available in North America on Sept. 12, 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. NASCAR Heat 2 is set to build on the performance of it's predecessor NASCAR Heat Evolution, and includes advancements from returning developer Monster Games which include enhanced […]

Danica Patrick Will Be Racing As Wonder Woman

Regardless of your personal feelings about racer Danica Patrick, her new paint job is damn impressive. Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment have decided to make DC-themed race cars a thing. Last season saw Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson racing as Batman and Superman to promote DC's Batman Vs. Superman and this season Patrick is taking the role as […]

The Dodge Demon Drag Race Challenge At The New York Auto Show

Dodge has been doing these drag race challenges for a few rounds of autoshows now, but the Demon Challenge that they're towing around this year is a bit stupid. You've got two cars that function as the game's controls, so it's arguable the closest to actual racing we're likely to get. And it features the new […]

Mattel's 40th Anniversary Star Wars Hot Wheels Are Here, And They've Brought Biggs

It's Star Wars Celebration come early for Hot Wheels and Star Wars fans. Mattel has launched a new line of Hot Wheels cars, and star ships, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope (1977). These are part of the pre-Star Wars Celebration announcement extravaganza that's been happening all week. Thanks to fans, Biggs Darklighter, […]