Kanye West Tweets Grand Theft Auto IV Concept Car Mod

Kanye West Tweets Grand Theft Auto IV Concept Car Mod
Photo of Kanye West by Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Kanye West is in a weird place right now, we can all agree on that, yes? Since his public fallout with President Donald Trump, the artist has changed up his social media presence. Currently, his twitter feed seems more like the Pintrest board of a very easily distracted soccer mom. With no commentary, Ye has just been tweeting and retweeting images of things he likes, as if twitter is just a fancy collage.

One item stuck out above the rest, however, because its a concept car from a Grand Theft Auto mod. The mod is based on the official Audi concept car, which was created for the 2004 Will Smith film I, Robot.

Now, because West's twitter feed so far has been an eclectic mess, its hard to tell what exactly is going on behind the opaque veil of social media. However, Yeezus has been known to dabble in the game industry. He hit up E3 back in 2016 to show off a mobile game about his mother dying and going to heaven, which was an odd moment in gaming history for sure.

Perhaps he's planning to develop cars? Or brand Yeezy GTA mods? Maybe we're going to get a Kanye Driving School mobile game? Maybe he really wants Audi to produce a drivable version of the car for his own personal use?

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, you can just enjoy searching through the madness that is Kanye's twitter account.

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