George R. R. Martin Refuses To Procrastinate On More 'Wild Cards' Until Done Procrastinating On Game Of Thrones Novels


George R. R. R. R. R. R. R. *slaps self* R. Martin, author of the A Song Of Ice And Fire series of novels that serve as the source material for HBO's Game of Thrones TV show, made news earlier this week after arguing with fans on his LiveJournal about the lack of updates on his progress for The Winds of Winter, the sixth and penultimate book in the popular series.

Martin said that nothing short of the completed book will be acceptable to fans, and so he doesn't post updates as often, and vowed to delete future questions about the books posted in the comments of unrelated LiveJournal articles.

But just a few days later, Martin has posted an update on the series. Well, not directly. He was actually posting an update on another series he's involved with, the Wild Cards anthologies, but he did mention Game of Thrones in passing, and we'll have to take what we can get. Speaking about his passion to write more Wild Cards, Martin said that he can't do it until he's completed, at minimum, one of the two remaining ASOIAF books:

"Besides which, I DO write for Wild Cards, in addition to editing the series. More so in the early days, admittedly, before Westeros and Ice & Fire arose to eat up almost all of my writing time. Truth be told, I'd love nothing better than to write some more Wild Cards stories. I have some old favorite characters I'd love to revisit (Popinjay, the Turtle), and some newer characters that I've hardly written about at all (Lohengrin, Hoodoo Mama)… and I have stories to tell. But all that will need to wait until I've finished WINDS OF WINTER, and maybe DREAM OF SPRING as well."

So it looks like both fandoms are due for a lot of disappointment in the future, as it's become obvious by this point that Martin is never going to complete The Winds of Winter, which means he'll never be able to write more Wild Cards either. Well, at least we're all suffering equally.

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