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"Game of Thrones": HBO Not Going Forward with Naomi Watts-Led Prequel Pilot

A little over three months after HBO Programming President Casey Bloys announced during the cable giant's summer Television Critics Association (TCA) session that filming on the Jane Goldman-penned Game of Thrones prequel series The Long Night (tentative title) had wrapped, Deadline Hollywood is reporting exclusively that HBO has decided to not move forward with the […]

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"Game of Thrones" Author George R.R. Martin Offers New Prequel Series Info

HBO's righteously popular global phenomenon Game of Thrones shuffled off the cable giant's programming coil with finale "The Iron Throne," which left fans with enough to debate and discuss until one of the show's prequel series makes it to air. With The Long Night currently filming its pilot in Northern Ireland (reportedly until working title […]

"Game of Thrones" Prequel Shooting in Old Stomping Grounds

There's a bit of familiar activity going on in Northern Ireland, where the folks behind the Game of Thrones prequel series are currently shooting a pilot. The new series is assumed to be working under the auspices of a future home at HBO, but the series won't actually get a production order until after the […]

Will WorldCon 2020 Be Why George R. R. Martin Finishes 'Winds of Winter'?

Will WorldCon 2020 Be Why George R. R. Martin Finishes 'Winds of Winter'?

HBO's watch has ended when it comes to the main saga of Game of Thrones, and eyes are once again turning to creator George R. R. Martin to FINISH. THE. DAMN. BOOKS. Martin continues to give non-updates on the state of things, and we do sympathize with Grandpa George. Imagine having the responsibility of the most popular […]

George R. R. Martin's Thoughts on 'Game of Thrones' Finale

Perhaps one of the only opinions that matters in the grand scheme of the last ever episode of Game of Thrones, author George R. R. Martin, has spoken. Rather- he's written, on his "Not A Blog" about the finale of HBO's landmark high fantasy drama series. In the author's own words, which you can read over here: […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson, George R. R. Martin Chat 'Game of Thrones' on 'StarTalk'

Neil deGrasse Tyson, George R. R. Martin Chat 'Game of Thrones' on 'StarTalk'

Leading up to the FINAL EPISODE EVER of Game of Thrones on HBO, author George R. R. Martin made a curious stop. He joined Neil deGrasse Tyson for the most recent episode of StarTalk, which just released today. Titled "Playing The Game of Thrones," the episode runs a solid 50 minutes. Who will sit atop the Iron […]

George R. R. Martin Hosts 'Tolkien' Q&A, "Gandalf Could Kick Dumbledore's A$$"

George R. R. Martin Hosts 'Tolkien' Q&A, "Gandalf Could Kick Dumbledore's A$$"

Leave it to George R. R. Martin to continue a literary magic user debate during a Q & A, because that's exactly what he did during the official premiere of Fox Searchlight's Tolkien. "Gandalf could kick Dumbledore's ASS," the Song of Ice and Fire author exclaimed during his chat with Nicholas Hoult (J. R. R. Tolkien in the […]

George R. R. Martin on 'Endgame', Updates 'Game of Thrones' Successor Shows

Author George R. R. Martin took some time out of his busy schedule of not completing the Song of Ice and Fire series to update us all on his Not-A-Blog today on a few different things. GRRM says he went and saw Avengers: Endgame, praises the action in the final battle, and the true hero of the […]

George R. R. Martin, Marvel Fanboy, Says "YAY" for 'Captain Marvel'

Who knew "Game of Thrones" author George R. R. Martin was a self-proclaimed Marvel fanboy? We guess it stands to reason, as he often talks about things he enjoys as far as comics, films, and tv series. Most recently, GRRM "Grandpa George" took to his Not-A-Blog to talk about Marvel Studios' current box office giant, Captain Marvel. […]

CMON's 'Song of Ice and Fire' Previews New Units

Brand new units are coming to CMON's Song of Ice and Fire table-top miniatures game, providing plenty of options to flesh out existing armies from Westeros. First up is the second set of Stark Heroes, adding the fearsome swordsman Syrio Farel, Aria Stark, perpetual arrow magnet Rickon Stark and his Shaggydog, and the Reed kids, […]

George R. R. Martin Sees Shadow, 6 More Years of No "Winds of Winter"

Well, it's Groundhog Day. Again. And all across the country, folks made jokes about either being stuck in time loops, or what Punxsutawney Phil NOT seeing his shadow means for 2019. Meanwhile in Arizona, "A Song Of Ice and Fire" author George R. R. Martin emerged from his den. Happy Groundhogs Day! I too have emerged from […]

The Bleeding Cool Top 25 TV Influencers 2019 Countdown: #25-#21

Andy Kaufman scared the living hell out of me when I was ten – and I've been thankful for it ever since. When I was growing up, there were four gospels to Friday nights. Bedtime set at 8 p.m. No debate. No discussion. Dad would pass out in his recliner after working shifts at the […]