Nerd Food: Minnie Mouse Strawberry Pakuncho Cookies

'Tis the season to eat all of the snacks. Granted, these are not holiday-themed — they're merely Japanese Minnie Mouse Pakuncho cookies with strawberry filling. But you can still indulge in these when you're feeling holiday cheer!

Pakuncho cookies are fairly popular here in the US — a quick Google search will yield you a number of blogs and reviews done by Americans. I've seen them on the shelf at my local H-Mart for some time, and in the spirit of Nerd Food, I got myself a box. They had a number of Disney-themed cookies, but I went with the one that would potentially get me the most princesses.

Nerd Food: Minnie Mouse Strawberry Pakuncho Cookies

I really like that the packaging is dedicated to all things Disney. Can you put a Mickey head on it? Yes, and they will.

Now, while I didn't get a ton of princesses, I did get a good mix of Disney characters. The cookies themselves taste like strawberry-filled cookies — perfect for a snack. You can easily eat the entire box, though I wouldn't recommend it (soooo much sugar). The cookies are adorable and inexpensive, so if you can find a box, get one!

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