E3 Boasts 69k Visitors Along With 2019's Official Dates

The Entertainment Software Association made a post at the end of E3 declaring the event a success along with a couple of numbers to take note of. The first of which is that the event drew 69,200 visitors (which they weren't clear if that was paid attendees or if it included invited media), making it one of their biggest conventions to date either way. The second set of numbers is next year's dates, which confirmed that the 2019 event will be happening June 11th-13th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

There was also a brief mention of BYU taking the top honors in the College Game Competition, which is pretty cool being a Utah-native myself to see one of the college programs here getting a shot in the arm from the industry. Here's a snippet of the announcement they released.

E3 Boasts 69k Visitors Along With 2019's Official Dates
credit//Entertainment Software Association

"E3 2018 was an enormous success, amplified by the thousands of gamers in attendance and millions more around the world who watched online," said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of ESA. "E3 2018 reinforced the cultural prominence of video games for a global audience. Congratulations to our innovative exhibitors, members, and partners and to the millions of gamers who celebrated a spectacular E3 with us."

E3 exhibitor and ESA member, Epic Games, stated, "We had an amazing time celebrating Fortnite with our players and partners this year at E3. Bringing players together is an important part of what we do with Fortnite, and E3 is one of the best venues to connect face-to-face with fans, friends, and the industry."

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