Blade Runner 2049 Footage: Inside Hall H At SDCC Warner Bros. Part 2

Check out Part 1 of our Inside Hall H At SDCC Warner Bros. coverage.

The next stage of the presentation started out with a video that slowly explained how we got from the original Blade Runner to the 2049 timeline. It was an exposition dump that would probably be awesome for everyone else to see, considering it helps set up the world we're going into once October hits.

blade runner 2049

We got to see the second trailer again on the big screen with an audience that seemed pretty into it. Then they decided to bring out the panel, which had some fantastic moments. I have no doubt that the Warner Bros. panel had the most F-bombs dropped in the convention.

When asked why he decided to do Blade Runner 2049, director Denis Villeneuve declared it was because "[He] didn't want anyone else to fuck it up." A fan asked Harrison Ford whether this movie answers any questions Ford had about his character (his answer, after a long pause: "It doesn't matter what I think.") and whether or not he was going to reboot everything he's been in ("You bet your ass I am!"). We also got to see some new footage that hasn't been released:

Agent K walks into Wallace Corp, owned by Jared Leto's character Neander Wallace, and is met by Sylvia Hoeks's replicant character. They walk through a room with replicants in tubes including the body of what appears to be Dave Bautista's character. They go and find some crystal balls that serve as memory banks, but Hoeks's character mentions that some of them are damaged. We listen to archived footage of the original film's events when Harrison Ford's Deckard interrogates Rachael using the Voight-Kampff test. Hoeks mentions that she likes when people ask her questions, while K refuses to answer a question about whether or not he likes his job.

The footage was well received by the crowd, who seemed to be as pumped as ever for the movie. The energy in the room was up as the Blade Runner 2049 cast exited and the lights went down. The room went dark and the new DC movie logo began to play.

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