Kim Coates Is Pretty Damn Convincing As A Repeatedly Resurrected Cop In This Officer Downe Trailer

As a big SOA fan, when I first heard that Kim Coates would star in the film version of the Joe Casey / Chris Burnham comic Officer Downe, I couldn't help but think to myself what a stellar bit of casting they'd done there. Kim Coates seemed a perfect fit for the title role of this sort of flesh and blood (and blood) distant cousin of… well, there's been plenty of comparisons to Robocop, not to mention Judge Dredd, but that misses the mark. Think Reanimator meets SWAT and you're closer to the right precinct, I'd say.

When the film played at the LA Film Festival in June to mixed reviews, I remained intrigued. It felt like some of the reviewers were missing the point, and elements that some noted as missteps actually sounded on the money to me (then again, I help publish Crossed, so… it's a matter of perspective).

In any case, this new trailer has me convinced I'll probably like Officer Downe. Guess we'll see sometime after November 18.

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