SDCC '15: Marvel Talk About Their Strategy For Upcoming Console Games


Marvel games are somewhat of a mixed bag. Marvel Heroes is a fine free-to-play experience and Disney Infinity 2.0 is a great toys-to-life franchise, but in terms of console games or hardcore successes like DC's Arkham series, Marvel have lagged significantly behind.

The company is working on changing that. Earlier this year Marvel spoke about this new initiative to get into game and during the Marvel House Of Ideas Panel in San Diego, they reiterated it. When asked by a fan about the company's plan for console outings, Marvel Games producer Mike Jones said:

We are very much focused on what our console strategy is for the future. Obviously console games take longer to incubate, so that will be a slower process.

We are taking a controlled, less is more, quality focused, developer focused strategy, but it is very top of our minds, and we'll have a lot more announcements probably next year

With all their movie success and pop culture cache, Marvel could really take a prime position in the gaming world. While the Ultimate Aliliance games were lots of fun, I'd probably have to go all the way back to Spider-Man 2 for a truly excellent Marvel game. (Hmm… maybe Marvel vs. Capcom 3 could hang on that list.)

We already know they are making a Telltale game though, so they obviously want to work with premiere developers. If they can find the right studio, like how DC found Rocksteady, that certainly would be very exciting.