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Loki will be Joining the Roster of “Marvel Uktimate Alliance 3” - SDCC 2019
Marvel Games revealed the first details on the expansion pass for MARVEL Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order at San Diego Comic Con today. For the first time in the series, Loki joins the alliance as a playable character in MARVEL Ultimate Alliance 3. The game also will be getting free updates, as well as a series of[...]
[MARVEL Future Fight] Fantastic Four Update!
They've also brought their nemesis Doctor Doom and his champion Victorious along for the ride. The Fantastic Four are not alone, as they've brought along their perennial nemesis, Doctor Doom, and his champion of Latveria, Victorious. Along with these six new characters, Crystal and She-Hulk – existing Marvel Future Fight characters who have been friends and former[...]
Marvel's Spider-Man
We've been wondering if Insomniac Games would put anymore DLC into Marvel's Spider-Man, and this evening, we got an answer. As part of Marvel Games' final Fantastic Four Week livestream announcement, the company sent out a tweet that got everyone instantly talking about what's on the way And if it actually holds true, it might be[...]
[RUMOR] Could The Avengers Project Make an Appearance at The Game Awards?
After all, presenters at The Game Awards almost always end up revealing something in the middle of their presentation. However, The Avengers Project is far from the only Marvel games property Additionally, the Russos are both gamers themselves and were instrumental in putting Thanos in Fortnite a few months back And since Fortnite has already confirmed a big announcement,[...]
Marvel Battle Lines is the Best Marvel Card Game So Far
[rwp_box_recap id="0"] Nexon and Marvel Games' digital card battle game, Marvel Battle Lines is a pretty simple game with one very unique mechanic You're basically playing Marvel tic-tac-toe but with a slightly revamped grid Except, none of your tic-tac-toe strategies will work here. That extra row, however, massively changes your strategy And because players have HP, you can[...]
Marvel Strike Force Gets a Magnitude of Mutants in New Update
Entering MARVEL Strike Force with psionic abilities to manipulate fire towards his enemies, Pyro will definitely be a hot addition to your team. To culminate this month of devious mutant fun, MARVEL Strike Force players can prep their best X-Men and Brotherhood teammates to participate in a Magneto Legendary event where they can recruit Magneto by[...]
Marvel Games Reveals Marvel Battle Lines Card Game at SDCC
This past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con we got a brand-new mobile trading card game from Marvel Games called Marvel Battle Lines The game, created by Nexon, hasn't been released yet (it won't be available until October), but it's already generating lots of buzz from the 28 different collectible covers We have all of them for[...]
Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Adds Spider-Man, Frank West, And More At SDCC
credit//Capcom During today's Marvel Games panel at San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that Spider-Man, Dead Rising's Frank West, Resident Evil 3's Nemesis and Final Fight's Haggar have all been added to the fighting game's lengthy roster. While footage of the four in action has yet to be release to the public, the official Marvel vs Capcom[...]
Marvel Games Announces 'Marvel Powers United VR' Game At D23
Yet another of Marvel Games' announcements at the D23 LevelUp! Games panel is Marvel's own VR game, Marvel Powers United VR, which is going to be an Oculus Rift and Touch exclusive The game will allow you to pick up the superpowers of all your favorite Marvel characters and try them on for size in VR. One[...]
Insomniac Games Bring Their Spider-Man PS4 Game To D23
Insomniac Games and Marvel Games' Bill Rosemann took the stage at D23's LevelUp! Games panel to talk Spider-Man PS4 The first thing they talked about was why they're doing a Spider-Man game, which I feel like is a silly question to ask, but okay The answer should have been "because Spider-Man," but instead they graced us[...]