Nerd Food: Wookie Cookies from Grauls in Baltimore

May the Fourth might be over with for this year, but that doesn't have to stop fans from celebrating Star Wars. The iconic space opera franchise has inspired people for decades. From homemade droids to delicious baked goods, fans have flexed their creativity to pay homage to Star Wars. We've been covering all the ways Star Wars fans can show their fandom off at home or the office. And these homemade Wookie Cookies are just up our alley!

A picture of the Star Wars Wookie Cookies. Photo Credit: Baltimore Lauren.
A picture of the Star Wars Wookie Cookies. Photo Credit: Baltimore Lauren.

This year Graul's Market in Baltimore, MD, celebrated May the Fourth and Star Wars Day with these adorable Wookie Cookies. Graul's has been in business for 100 years, and for a good reason. Their markets are small and focus on locally made groceries and locally grown produce. Graul's is also known for its out of this world bakery. As a child, I enjoyed birthday cakes with both Archie Comic characters and Tenchi Muyo characters drawn on the icing. It's safe to say their bakery won me over at a very early age.

It only seemed natural then for the talented bakers to create these Wookie Cookies for May the Fourth. These people shaped sugar cookies are topped with chocolate icing made to imitate a Wookies fur. Their happy little faces are inviting and not concerned with their impending death as you eat them, which is a bit troublesome when you think about it. They even added the famous Wookie cross-body belt, complete with little icing details.

These cookies were soft, rich in flavor, delicate, but not overly sweet. The sugar cookie and chocolate icing were perfectly balanced, creating an enjoyable cookie eating experience. These were simply great. While I'm sure Graul's can make these whenever they like, I hope they do save these for May the Fourth and Star Wars Day. It makes them that much more special and delicious.

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