Will Disney Go Wicked After Tangled?

Will Disney Go Wicked After Tangled?

Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool:

With Tangled continuing to hold its own at the box office and earning a lot of love in the process, it's not surprising that there is speculation on what Disney will do to top its 50th animation. The Daily What has picked up on Disney animator Heidi Gilbert's plea to Stephen Schwartz that his creation, Wicked, will be No. 51.

Here's her video pitch.


There has been talk that there will be no more princess movies from Disney, a pity in my book, and Bleeding Cool believes that Disney will turn next to Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, in particular Mort, for inspiration. Personally, while film genres do indeed come and go, there is something about a fairy tale that exists beyond all that mundane stuff and the day that Disney turns gritty will not be a magical one.

For a reminder of the magic that is Tangled, do take a look at Bleeding Cool's interview with the film's animator Glen Keane. Glen had this to say:

I really believe that the fairy tale has to be a big part of the future of Disney animation for us to continue to grow and be strong and to be who we are.