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What We Know Of The Post-Secret Wars All-New All-Different Marvel Universe

After two months before Secret Wars ends, the recreated Marvel skips forward eight months in time as All-New All-Different Marvel. It likes doing that. So what do we know of what is to come? What can we guess? Here's a few bullet points of what has changed of note… add your own observations in the comments […]

Adam Kubert Joins All-New All-Different Avengers

The Wall Street Journal, of all places, has the word on the All-New All-Different Avengers, with one token white guy on the team… Tony Stark. So, despite the discussion, that was him in the suit in the FCBD issue. And not Bruce Banner or Janet Van Dyne… And as well as artist Mahmud Asrar, who […]

All-New All-Different Marvel Previews Hit Stores In July

Comic book stores will be receiving bundles of previews for Marvel's upcoming comic books with the name "All-New All-Different Marvel" on the 1st of July. Which means we can expect news about exactly what Marvel will be publishing post Secret Wars, what their new universe is, if it is indeed a universe, and what will […]