What We Know Of The Post-Secret Wars All-New All-Different Marvel Universe

After two months before Secret Wars ends, the recreated Marvel skips forward eight months in time as All-New All-Different Marvel. It likes doing that. So what do we know of what is to come? What can we guess? Here's a few bullet points of what has changed of note… add your own observations in the comments or to richjohnston@gmail.com and we'll at them to the growing list.

New Avengers are an international team forbidden to operate within the borders of the USA – led by Sunspot, their headquarters is a refitted Hydrobase 13 miles off the coast of California.

White Tiger is also a member of The New Avengers.

The Avengers of 20XX from Ultron Forever will be making a return in New Avengers.

The criminal remnants of AIM are now WHISPER, with a familiar leader.

D-Man & Misty Knight are supporting cast members of Sam Wilson, Captain America.

Squirrel Girl will crossover with Howard the Duck and looking at the last issue of of Howard possibly Silver Surfer as well. It will involve the return of Monkey Joe.

The British Punisher, Outlaw will make his return in Contest Of Champions.

The side that is opposing Maestro in Contest Of Champions will have access to alternate reality characters. Including an Eddie Brock that is still Venom, and Devil Hydrasaur. These may all be drawn from what remains of Battleworld.

White Fox will be part of Contest of Champions she will also appear in Deadpool #1.

A new character Guillotine will be introduced in Contest Of Champions.

The Point One book featuring a Contest Of Champions comes out the same week as Contest Of Champions #1. Could this be the first example of characters been introduced in two different books at the same time?

Apparently new characters will appear in other titles before spinning out into their own titles. This may include Red Widow, White Fox, and Daredevil's new sidekick.

Gilgamesh is Hercules' houseguest and supporting cast member.

Vampire By Night makes her return in Howling Commandos, joining Warwolf, Dum Dum Dugan, Hit-Monkey, Orrgo, Man-Thing, Zombie Jasper Sitwell, Manphibian, and Teen Abomination. An extremely top secret part of SHIELD called "S.T.A.K.E.". And Dum Dum now is aware that he's an LMD.

There is no sign of Sue, Reed, Doom, Franklin, Valeria after Secret Wars, so far at least. While Human Torch and Medusa are an item, the Thing has joined the Guardians Of The Galaxy, we understand that Mr Fantastc and Sue Storm will be out of the picture for a while dealing with their own fallout of Secret Wars. But not the death of either one of them.

Rage Of Ultron takes place during the 8 month gap. So does Ant Man Annual and the introduction of the new Giant Man.

The Wasp appears in Rage of Ultron so has realistically already appeared post Secret Wars.

It's been hinted that the flaming character in Uncanny Avengers is Toro. Although he was burning purple last time he was seen.

Psynapse is a new Inhuman and member of Uncanny Avengers.

The Spider-Mobile is a two seater. Hinting at a Peter partner. The promo image shows someone in the mobile. Anna Maria – or could it be Annie Parker? Anyway, the Baxter Building suits him well in the absence of… certain people.

The last page of the Bendis Iron Man series will spin out into another series that features Tony. Suspects are Iron Lad, Iron Man 2099, Ultimate Iron Man, Teen Tony, Norman Osbourne Iron Patriot. Or who is to say the star of the first book isn't Ultimate Tony and that 616 Superior Iron Man is the surprise?

Agent Brand will be a supporting cast member of Captain Marvel.

Oya and Kid Apocalypse join the All-New X-Men.

Archangel and M join the Uncanny X-Men.

Namor might be the Aquaman of the new Squadron Supreme.

Eddie Brock: Toxyn and John Jameson will be part of the new Carnage series.

The new Agents of SHIELD series will have some super humans as members. Mockingbird, Deathlock and Quake anyone?

Still no sign of Bloodstone. Could a Spurrier Bloodstone series be on it's way?

New series still to come featuring Citizen V, Red Wolf, Death's Head, Starbrand and Nightmask.

It seems the New Universe has been destroyed. There's either a lot of dead mutants or they have been sent elsewhere.

The Ultimate Reed Richards will appear in New Avengers.

At least 2 of the surviving alternate Universe characters, Ultimate Spider-Man and Old Man Logan have just arrived in Battleworld's Manhattan.

Apparently Silver Surfer's book will be returning.

Totally Awesome Hulk is undoubtedly Amadeus Cho. But what's up with the hand?

Singularity will carry over from Secret Wars to the All-New All Different Marvel Universe


If previous plots hold true, the X-Men have left the Earth for the moon of Europa, as a result of newly released Inhuman Terrigen mists proving deadly to mutants. Some, those who can survive the mists, remain on Earth. And what did the mists to to the Beast – does this explain why he is in the Uncanny Inhumans? Of course the plot may have changed after Mike Marts and Rick Remender left.

Spider-Woman is eight months pregnant.

Wile Scarlet Witch has a ghost Agatha Harkness for a partner.

Beta Ray Bill returns to Thor. And we have a rather new fiery female character to add to the mix. And in the gap, Malekith's plan moved forward in a big way.

Mighty_Thor_1_GatefoldDon't call it the 616.





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