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Crucible Characters Art

Amazon Game Studios Shows Off More Gameplay Footage For Crucible

With Amazon Game Studios and Relentless Studios to release Crucible next week, we're now seeing more gameplay footage from the title A lot of the game was shrouded in mystery and rumor until the company finally decided to reveal some stuff about it during the Google Stadia presentation last month Now with it on the[...]

Crucible Characters Art

Amazon Game Studios Will Launch Crucible On May 20th

Amazon Game Studios announced this week that their upcoming team-based shooter Crucible will be released on May 20th, 2020 The announcement comes a bit out of the blue as the studio has been pushing back titles, both due to COVID-19 and because they laid off several members of their staff last year during E3 2019[...]

Important Update on New World Release

New World Has Been Pushed Back Until August 2020

Amazon Game Studios has pushed another one of their games back as news came out today that New World is now being released in August The developers released the statement below on the game's website, along with the video at the bottom, explaining the push The game will now be released on August 25th, 2020[...]

Amazon Games Crucible Art

Amazon Will Reportedly Launch Their Game Streaming Platform In 2021

Here's a snippet from the article.[caption id="attachment_1189394" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Amazon Game Studios[/caption]The push is Amazon’s most significant investment in original entertainment since it became a major producer of streaming series and films over the last decade Amazon is also aiming at strategic rivals like Google and Microsoft, which have expanded their video game offerings. “The[...]

Amazon Game Studios Releases Developer Diary For "New World"

Amazon Game Studios Releases Developer Diary For "New World"

This week, the developers over at Amazon Game Studios decided to released a brand new developer diary for their upcoming open-world MMO, New World The five-minute presentation shows off all of the upgrades they've made to the game since we last saw it It also gives you a perspective of what you can try to[...]

'New World' Debuts at Video Game Awards, Check Out the Trailer

'New World' Debuts at Video Game Awards, Check Out the Trailer

Developed by Amazon Game Studios, this new open world MMO looks pretty interesting and epic Knights, beasts, zombie deer, amulets, and all sorts of different concepts look to be at play here It all takes place in Aeternum, and you can preorder the game right now in both a standard and deluxe version Preordering gets you[...]

Amazon Game Studios Announces "Lord Of The Rings" Game Progress

Amazon Game Studios Announces "Lord Of The Rings" Game Progress

Despite laying off several of their staff members during E3 2019, Amazon Game Studios has news on the Lord Of The Rings title they've been working on The company sent out a press announcement today along with co-developer Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited and Middle-Earth Enterprises to let fans know what's up with the game First[...]

Amazon Game Studios Layed Off Dozens Of Employees During E3 2019

Amazon Game Studios Laid Off Dozens Of Employees During E3 2019

Some disappointing news from Amazon this week as Amazon Game Studios gave the axe to dozens of employees int he middle of E3 2019 The news comes to us from Kotaku who got word from employees that they were told by the higher-ups they had 60 days to look for new jobs within Amazon before[...]

Amazon Game Studios Unveils Grand Tour Game Trailer

The latest game to be announced from Amazon Game Studios this week is a video game version of The Grand Tour, aptly titled The Grand Tour Game Essentially, it's a racing game narrated by host James May, where you watch part of an episode and race whatever it is they just showed off to you[...]

Amazon's 4v4 Brawler Breakaway Is On Hold Following Its Alpha Test

Breakaway, Amazon Game Studios' 4v4 brawler and future eSports vehicle, is officially on hold as the development team takes time to "iterate and evolve" the game's "core gameplay" based on feedback from players who took part in the game's Alpha test. "Over the course of the Alpha we received a lot of feedback from you that[...]