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Ever Wonder What Crossy Roads Looks Like In First Person?
Games like Desert Golfing and Jelly Jump have really been the rage in my inner circles. Crossy Roads seems to be the app that's really captured the wider audience though. The game essentially works like Frogger, charging you with trying to cross as many roads as possible until you inevitably get run over[...]
Stan Lee's Daughter, JC Lee, Promotes 'Raising My Superkids'. Excelsior!
And demonstrates a certain amount of genetic chutzpah. She has been named Honorary Chairman of the Raising My Superkids app. "Raising My SuperKids®" for the IOS and Android platforms is a fun and exciting free-to-play mobile social media game that allows players to select their own Superkid; explore and discover their child's superpowers; and raise and train them[...]
Marvel Now Selling All Of Dark Horse's Star Wars On ComiXology
Now all the Dark Horse Star Wars comics have moved from Dark Horse's digital app to Marvel's Comixolgy apps En masse. Though they may cost a little more now… Up until a few days ago, you could buy all of Dark Horse's Star Wars comics digitally for a fraction of the cost. This is no longer the[...]
iVerse To Take On ComiXology With App That Reads Pirated Comics Too
At New York Comic Con, I saw a rather interesting idea. Iverse are the company behind the Comics Plus app, which a few years ago was the big rival to ComiXology Then ComiXology snapped up a bunch of exclusive comic book companies, the likes of DC and Marvel got into bed with ComiXology and the point[...]
Get Your Free Digital Version Of British Library's Comics Unmasked On iOS
But still possibly not enough. The exhibition included tablets featuring Sequential, an iOS app that acts as a graphic novel boutique, featuring the finest comic books in digital form. And they've also made available, for free, a guide to some of the exhibits, as well as greater examples of the comics on display, along with the curated[...]
ComiXology App Now On One-And-A-Half Stars
On Saturday, while everyone else was running around at C2E2, Bleeding Cool was the first to report on the new ComiXology App and the change in policy that would stop in-App purchases on iPhone and iPads, and stop Google Play purchases on Android devices. This is in line with newly-purchaser Amazon's similar policy on the Kindle which[...]
Marvel To Integrate Digital Services Into Marvel Unlimited App
This is a story that Bleeding Cool first reported on in November, the move to integrate Marvel's digital services into one central App… And its news that CNET has just announced, ahead of of today's announcements at SXSW. We knew about the improved speed and functionality of Marvel Unlimited, apparently down to being written in iOS code[...]
A Month Of Marvel Unlimited For 99 Cents At SXSW – Where Is This Leading?
This time, they are risking their own servers instead. At this year's SXSW, Marvel will be giving access to their Marvel Unlimited App for one month for 99 cents, giving access to 15,000 digital Marvel comics, all you can eat, and take twelve titles downloaded offline.  Monthly access usually costs $9.99. Bleeding Cool has been running stories[...]
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Roses Of Berlin Out Early, Today, On Digital
The Sequential App, which specialises in publishing and distributing select graphic novels, creating a boutique store, has the new League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novella, Roses Of Berlin, by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill out today. It's not yet available on ComiXology, nor in print, this appears to be a deliberate early sale to help promote[...]
Swipe File: Bingo Bash And Michael Turner's Supergirl
Here are a couple of screengrabs from the inexplicably popular Bingo Bash app from BitRymes Inc. And Supergirl by Michael Turner Yes, she doesn't need bingo wings to fly. I think m'learned friends at Warner Bros may well have to be in touch over this one Thanks to Benjamin Ellebracht for pointing out the swipe. In Swipe File[...]
Download One Alan Moore Biography For Free – And Win Another (UPDATED)
Now, ten years later, Millidge has made his contribution which told Moore's life as a biographical comic, available free on the Sequential App for iOS devices, expanded, updated, remastered and resequenced and now in full colour. You can download the Sequential App here. And if that's not enough free histories of Alan Moore, there's a new biography[...]
Look! It Moves! – Liam Sharp Talks About The Madefire App
An Interview by Adi Tantimedh for Bleeding Cool: Artist and writer Liam Sharp talks about the origins of the iOS interactive graphic novel app and its future as a tool for comics creators. [youtube][/youtube] An Interview by Adi Tantimedh for Bleeding Cool: Artist and writer Liam Sharp talks about the origins of the iOS interactive graphic novel app[...]
Verity Fair For 99 Cents – The Biggest Bargain In Graphic Novels Right Now
I'm never going to top that… So anyway, there's a graphic novel app called Sequential We've mentioned that too. And for the next ten days, they have Terry Wiley's Verity Fair down from $9.99 to $0.99 Or 69 pence in proper money Either way, that is your comic book bargain of the month. Verity Fair takes one character[...]