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Marvel Closes Website Comics Reader, Switches to App and ComiXology

Marvel Comics has just nailed the following letters to readers of its digital comics announcing the closure of their digital comics online store. This comes a week before Marvel Comics begins switching some print comics to digital-only mid-story. The letter reads; Thank you for being a loyal Marvel fan. As a fan of Marvel digital […]

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FunimationNow Introduces New 3-Tiered Membership System: What You Need to Know

Members of FunimationNow will have some choices to make come April 10, because that's when Funimation's streaming service rolls out its new tiered membership programs – replacing the current subscription program and add-on options. Starting in April, subscribers can choose from three membership tiers: Premium, Premium Plus, and Premium Plus Ultra (new tiers will be available in […]

HBO Unveils Official Trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Cut of 'Mosaic'

Viewers who mapped out their own version of Steven Soderbergh's murder mystery limited series Mosaic through the film's app back in December will get their chance to compare notes with how their vision matches the filmmaker's. On January 22, HBO will premiere Soderbergh's linear miniseries of the story after giving those interested the opportunity to […]

Mosaic: HBO Releases App For Soderbergh's Interactive Series

Though director Steven Soderbergh's interactive limited series Mosaic doesn't air on HBO until January 22, 2018, the first stage of the experience took place today with the launching of the show's official app. Developed for the cabler by Soderbergh and Casey Silver; and based in conjunction with writer Ed Solomon, the app will allow users to […]

Dark Corner Has Launched A VR Horror App For Curated Horror Content

Critically praised creator of narrative, virtual reality horror films, Dark Corner, announced the launch of the the world's first app dedicated entirely to narrative genre VR today. With a rapidly expanding content library, Dark Corner will initially feature eight high-calibre immersive experiences that are both cinematic and hair-raising. Because if you're launching an app in October, and […]

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Movie Trivia Schmoedown App Finally Lets You Play The Internet's Best Trivia Game

Movie Trivia Schmoedown is one of the best shows on YouTube. Created by the Schmoes Know Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis, it combines head-to-head movie trivia with professional wrestling sensibilities. And it is a damn good time. Online movie bloggers and critics appear regularly on the show to win belts, bragging rights, and even form […]

Time Warner Partners With Snapchat For Original Programming

Looking to rebound financially since going public in March and looking to expand Snapchat's reputation beyond just funny filters, Snap announced on Monday that it has entered into a $100 million original programming development deal with Time Warner. Both companies are committed to developing up to 10 shows per year that would include a mix […]

'American Gods' Orlando Jones Appointed Cosmunity Chief Strategy Officer

Not to be outdone by the "didn't-see-that-coming"  Chapterhouse/Jay Baruchel deal announced earlier this week, geek-connecting app Cosmunity announced that American Gods actor, razor-sharp twitterer and "King of Fandom" himself Orlando Jones has been appointed as the app's Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Launched in early 2017, Cosmunity is a social-networking and peer-to-peer marketplce app that allows […]

'Fate/Grand Order' Coming To North America Smartphones This Summer

Aniplex of America announced at Seattle's Sakura-Con that their highly popular smartphone app game Fate/Grand Order will finally be released in North America sometime this summer. The news was confirmed both via Twitter and with an official trailer. Based on the Fate/Stay Night visual novel, the game's popularity stemmed from the interactive RPG elements where you're basically summoning […]

Geek-Culture Focused App 'Cosmunity' Has Launched On Mobile, Will Anyone Notice

Billed as "the first social marketplace for your inner geek," Cosmunity is a newly released social network app for iOS and Android that focuses on convention attendees and geeks at large. The company had been not-so-quietly adding various cosplay and fandom individuals to their open beta test over the last several months to build out content […]

Telltale Have Started To Hint At Something Mr. Robot Related – Is It A Game?

While I've yet to catch up with Season 2 yet, Mr. Robot is a great show, and if you've not jumped in yet, there is a reason it's being talked about everywhere. Something strange is happening regarding the series though. Telltale Games have started to share this teaser across Twitter and Facebook. It's for an app […]

Should We Question Positive Reviews Of 'My Comic Grader App'?

My Comic Grader is a new comic book grading app, available on Android and iOS from May 1st. It may be good, it may be not, I don't know. They approached Bleeding Cool in an e-mail asking if someone would review it, which is all fine and dandy, They asked "Is there a cost associated with […]

ComiXology Glitch Prevents Off-Line Reading – Here's A Workaround (UPDATE)

Those who read ComiXology comics on their iPad have discovered a slight problem. Usually you can access certain comics offline if you have downloaded them. Great for reading while travelling on planes, trains or sitting in basements anticipating an imminent nuclear attack. But now, the current login feature is preventing that. The App now automatically […]

Alex Paknadel's Top Ten Comics On Sequential

PM Buchan writes, The SEQUENTIAL summer sale, which ends on Saturday, is the biggest indie graphic novel sale EVER, featuring over 350 graphic novels at 50-90% off the print price. 18 publishers are participating in the sale and offering an amazing range of titles, including Hellboy, Sin City and Love & Rockets. Alex Paknadel, writer […]

Ever Wonder What Crossy Roads Looks Like In First Person?

Over the last few months, I've been delving into the mobile market a little more. Games like Desert Golfing and Jelly Jump have really been the rage in my inner circles. Crossy Roads seems to be the app that's really captured the wider audience though. The game essentially works like Frogger, charging you with trying to cross […]

Stan Lee's Daughter, JC Lee, Promotes 'Raising My Superkids'. Excelsior!

JC Lee is the daughter of Stan Lee. As her website indicates. And demonstrates a certain amount of genetic chutzpah. She has been named Honorary Chairman of the Raising My Superkids app. "Raising My SuperKids®" for the IOS and Android platforms is a fun and exciting free-to-play mobile social media game that allows players to select […]

Marvel Now Selling All Of Dark Horse's Star Wars On ComiXology

Up until a few days ago, you could buy all of Dark Horse's Star Wars comics digitally for a fraction of the cost. This is no longer the case. Now all the Dark Horse Star Wars comics have moved from Dark Horse's digital app to Marvel's Comixolgy apps. En masse. Though they may cost a […]

iVerse To Take On ComiXology With App That Reads Pirated Comics Too

At New York Comic Con, I saw a rather interesting idea. Iverse are the company behind the Comics Plus app, which a few years ago was the big rival to ComiXology. Then ComiXology snapped up a bunch of exclusive comic book companies, the likes of DC and Marvel got into bed with ComiXology and the […]

Get Your Free Digital Version Of British Library's Comics Unmasked On iOS

We've talked a lot about the British Library exhibition Comics Unmasked: Art And Anarchy In The UK. But still possibly not enough. The exhibition included tablets featuring Sequential, an iOS app that acts as a graphic novel boutique, featuring the finest comic books in digital form. And they've also made available, for free, a guide […]

ComiXology App Now On One-And-A-Half Stars

On Saturday, while everyone else was running around at C2E2, Bleeding Cool was the first to report on the new ComiXology App and the change in policy that would stop in-App purchases on iPhone and iPads, and stop Google Play purchases on Android devices. This is in line with newly-purchaser Amazon's similar policy on the Kindle […]