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He has his own series, Dominatrix, that he has brought back at Arcana with Erik Hendrix writing and Kewber Baal doing the art Baal is also the artist on Dynamite's Kiss series, so obviously Gene really liked his work.  They synopsis for the first issue reads: From the mind of Gene Simmons, rock legend and media icon,[...]
SDCC '15: Win Chance To Meet Stan Lee With Bleeding Cool And Arcana
Stan Lee will be appearing at the Arcana booth at San Diego Comic Con this week And while some will be paying for the privelege of seeing The Man, Bleeding Cool will give two lucky winners the chance to do so for free. You have to be attending San Diego Comic Con already, and you have[...]
Arcana's HP Lovecraft And Steampunk Oz Exclusives For SDCC '15
Comics from Arcana at San Diego Comic Con – and I can see something my children will be fighting over… Cthluhu Plush (in guide) – $20 Based on H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu stories, this limited edition plush makes a great addition alongside your Lovecraft novels This exclusive toy is a must for any Lovecraft fan and for those who must answer[...]
The Response To A Superhero With Cancer
Martino — whose comicbook credits include Shadowflame and Ripperman (both from Arcana) as well as other work as a number of other indie publishers — in 1996 founded his own publishing company JGM Comics in order to publish his own work On his first Mighty Titan Kickstarter go-round (August, 2012), he successfully raised over[...]
Arcana Acquires Rights To Darkham Vale
The house is more of a mansion that his dad inherited and its filled with dark and mysterious creatures, but then again so is all of Darkham Vale. Monster, talking crows and spiders, mysterious demon-dogs and more abound in this Hell-bent town, and its up to paranormal phenomena buff, Ryan to get to the bottom of[...]
Titan Comics Get The Doctor Who Licence?
We followed it up with the news that Boom, Arcana and Titan were in the final running for the coveted prize. I understand, as of this morning, that British publisher Titan Comics has successfully won the US license, and will begin publication with stories featuring the Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi Doctors next year. Panini currently hold[...]
Head Smash: To Obey Is To Die – Part II
Early this week we took a look at the first trailer for Head Smash, a new graphic novel from Arcana that already has a film deal in the works I mentioned after viewing it that the feel of the story was a post-Soviet Union Russia mixed with the Hellfire Club from Uncanny X-men It was[...]
Head Smash: To Obey Is To Die – Part I
It had the highest number of pre-orders of any Arcana comic to date, it was featured on the cover of Variety and it has not one but three video trailers with narration by the Bill Paxton (Titanic, Aliens) In the first trailer we meet two major characters The first is the narrator who calls himself Maurice and tells us about[...]
Where In The World Is That Doctor Who Comics License? (UPDATE)
They also have a greater US market penetration, growing with the acquisition of Archaia. But I'm also told that Arcana are throwing a lot of money at a last minute bid, with the logline that the BBC would be Arcana's only licence I'm not sure if that would be enough, but they are keen. So… who do[...]
An Oz Kickstarter With A Heartbeat – But Two Days Left To Live
Beyond that, Arcana Comics has left the franchise in the hands of its fans In fact, a Kickstarter campaign is already underway to keep the series going with an all-new original graphic novel. True to Oz fashion, there are many colorful characters waiting to be introduced Even the Munchkins have been hardened by the recent events[...]
From Snow Angels To Red Shadows
He produced and financed the graphic novel Snow Angel with rising stars Kurtis Wiebe and Tyler Jenkins through Arcana And found… no one who wanted to make it into a film. But that was okay, because as a result of publishing the comic, Through Red 5 Publishing, he worked with Satellite Studios instead to help develop,[...]
Arcana Buys 10th Muse, Legend Of Isis And More From Bluewater
Arcana Comics have announced they are buying up a large chunk of Bluewater's publishing library Basically, everything except the biography and most of the licenced titles, to be published in trade paperback form. So that means 10th Muse, Legend of Isis, Judo Girl, Styx and Stone, Deathsport Games, Orion the Hunter, Blackbeard Legacy, Paparazzi, Warlock, Leprechaun[...]
Grace Randolph's Stacktastic – Does Hollywood Really Care About Comics?
Grace Randolph, as well as looking at tomorrow's comics today, takes on Benderspink's blatantly open plans to use Arcana to publish comic books as a way to get Hollywood interested in their ideas… as well as evangelising for the medium of comics Get your injection of Grace Randolph's Stacktastic, half of her Think About The[...]
The Canadian Legion Attacks – And Wins
The Canadian Legion is an upcoming superhero graphic novel by Richard Evans and Francisco Paronzini from Arcana. Or at least it was. The book is late Very late Yesterday Richard Evans wrote this open letter to Sean O'Reilly of Arcana on his Facebook page. My plan was originally to have text pages bookended into the graphic[...]
San Diego Debut: Heaven's Echo by Siike Donnelly
Debuting at San Diego Comic Con… Title: Heaven's Echo Creators: Siike Donnelly Publisher: Arcana Available: Booth # High concept: From the cover… Imagine for a moment, turning on the television as you get ready for work On it, you see a man throwing a car at a helicopter, or a girl flying through the sky[...]
San Diego Debut: SideShows by Erik Hendrix and Michael David Nelsen
Debuting at San Diego Comic Con… Title: SideShows Creators: Erik Hendrix and Michael David Nelsen Publisher: Arcana Comics Available: Booth #2415 High concept: In 1950's Las Vegas, the mob enlisted former circus attractions as their aces in the hole These SideShows had a little secret… They really did have the abilities they pretended to. The Rat Pack[...]