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"Archer: 2099" S10, Ep04: Can "Dinner with the Zarglorp" Correct Course? (PREVIEW)
The latest season of Archer, Archer 1999, has been an uneven, although occassionaly chuckle-worthy mess since it launched a few weeks back The pacing is all over the place, the humor misses more often than it hits, and the cast really, really feels like it's phoning it in. //Credit: FXX That's not to say that Archer: 1999[...]
'Archer: 1999': New Season Means New 'Archer' "Reality" (SPOILER REVIEW)
Archer being, well, Archer, screws things up royally, and the crew is brought about just in time to get in a fire-fight with pirates. //Credit: FXX This season's manifestation of the former ISIS crew has made some interesting changes: Kreiger (Lucky Yates) is the ship's android; Pam (Amber Nash) is a giant rock monster; Carol (Judy Greer)[...]