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Cully Hamner
One of my favorite artists popped into the DC Comic Art Academy this week Cully Hamner who is know for his work on Green Lantern: Mosaic, Blue Beetle, Black Lightning: Year One and of course the Warren Ellis series Red that was turned into two Bruce Willis movies Looks like Cully is working his way[...]
DC Comics Art Academy With Lee Bermejo
Here we have another DC Comics Art Academy from San Diego Comic Con, this time featuring the creator of Suiciders and the writer of We Are Robin, Lee Bermejo During the half-hour session, Bermejo answers a variety of questions while drawing a pretty detailed head shot of the Joker. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
David Finch Draws Wonder Woman For DC Comics Art Academy
DC Comics continues their Art Academy videos filmed at conventions with this latest featuring artist David Finch as he draws Wonder Woman David was joined on stage in San Diego by his wife and Wonder Woman creative partner Meredith Finch Meredith talks about putting the stories together and being an art model for David. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Bernard Chang Steps Into DC Comics Art Academy
DC has just released a new DC Comics Art Academy, this time with Batman Beyond artist Bernard Chang This event was hosted by Fletcher Chu-Fong and took place during the San Diego Comic Con, just one month after the first issue of Batman Beyond hit the stands Chang wasn't exactly sure what he could say[...]
DC Comics Art Academy – Babs Tarr
Here we have the second installment of DC Comics Art Academy, this time with the art of Babs Tarr and her co-writing team on Batgirl, Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher This one, like the Jim Lee entry, was filmed at last summer's San Diego Comic Con Stewart and Fletcher gives insight into the comic while[...]