Valve Will Launch Artifact 2.0 Beta Testing Next Week

For those of you who actually want to play the updated Dota card game Artifact, a beta of version 2.0 is coming from Valve next week. The developers made the announcement earlier today, letting players know that the beta will basically test "boring stuff", and that invites will start trickling out soon. First with original players who owned the game, then to an open beta for others to join in. Everything will basically run on a lottery system to keep things fair. They also included an FAQ, some of which we have for you below. But the two questions they can't seem to answer: Who really wanted this, and why aren't you making Portal 3?

The beta test for Artifact 2.0 will start in late-May, courtesy of Valve Corporation.
The beta test for Artifact 2.0 will start in late-May, courtesy of Valve Corporation.
What are we testing?
Gameplay, Balance, Hero Identity, Color Identity, Social Features, Card Unlocks, Ranked Play, Replays, Spectating and the Campaign.

What aren't we testing?
Some gameplay modes will be locked. Tournaments and draft modes, other than Hero Draft, won't be available until we add more players. The tutorial is disabled since we are only inviting players of the original game – the campaign should be a good refresher if you haven't played in a while.

Who should join?
There will be bugs, temp art, and data may be reset early in the beta. Some players may wish to wait until the game is further along to start playing, but there is no harm in signing up early.

How do I get in?
If you played Artifact 1.0, and would like to help us test, check your email for a sign-up link. Slots are limited- but we will be gradually adding more and more people to the beta, so don't worry if you don't get in right away!

But I'm a member of the press/an influencer/etc. Can I get in?
Selection for invites will be randomly generated. So… absolutely maybe!

If I get in, are there any restrictions on what I'm allowed to say/stream/share?
There are no restrictions. Due to the slow ramp in beta invites, professional streamers may want to wait until Open Beta where there will be a more significant player base.

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