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Beer Brewing Simulator Brewmaster Partners With Moor Beer Company
Auroch Digital and Fireshine Games announced a new partnership with Moor Beer Company for their beer brewing simulator Brewmaster This new partnership will basically add a new section to the game that will challenge you a bit Specifically, you will see Moor Beer featured as the sponsor for a special in-game challenge, where it will[...]
Cute City-Building Game The Colonists Is Coming To Consoles
Auroch Digital have finally given the console version of The Colonists a release date as its coming out on May 4th Last month it was revealed that the cute 2018 game about robots going to a new planet to help set it up for humans to live would be getting released for all three major[...]
Cute City-Building Game The Colonists Is Coming To Consoles
Auroch Digital revealed today that they will be bringing their adorable city-builder game The Colonists to all three major consoles Originally developed by Code By Fire and published by Mode 7 for the PC version, the game will have you in charge of a fleet of robots tasked with setting up a civilization on a[...]
Megaquarium Receives A New DLC Pack Called Freshwater Frenzy
Twice Circled and Auroch Digital has done a pretty good job updating the game to keep it interesting, as you play a theme park management tycoon kind of title with an aquatic twist Some of the new additions to the game include choices like the prehistoric Arapaimaand the always deadly and scary as hell Piranha[...]
"Mars Horizon" Is Holding An Open Beta In April 2020
Auroch Digital announced today that they'll be holding an open beta for their upcoming strategy sim space exploration game, Mars Horizon The game allows you to construct a base, design and build rockets to head to a destination, conduct missions throughout the known Solar System, and write your own history of space exploration as you[...]
Auroch Digital Reveals Their Next Strategy Title Mars Horizon
This past week, Auroch Digital made the announcement on their website that they would be creating a new space strategy game called Mars Horizon The game will basically have you lead a space agency as you start with the race to get people out into space all the way to Mars What's more is that the[...]
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Making digital versions of tabletop games is hard, and no game proves that more than Auroch Digital's OGRE While the digital edition of the game is pretty spot-on faithful adaptation of the tabletop game, that actually makes it a pretty terrible video game. The things that make OGRE great on tabletop don't translate well to digital[...]