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Kenny Omega Reigns Victorious Over Austin Creed… in Street Fighter V

But boy, everyone was ready. then the match started. then something glorious happened.Kenny Omega won. only is Omega the IWGP Heavyweight Champ, but he's now better at Street Fighter V than Austin Creed[...]

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Will Have Team Battles

We're big fans of Up Up Down Down, and it was really awesome to find out some exclusive news about Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition through the show. What's this magical big news you may ask? This version of the game will have team battles! From 2-v-2 up to 5-v-5, which was demonstrated on the […]

'Uncharted 4' & 'Overwatch' Biggest Winners From SXSW Gaming Awards

The event was hosted by Austin Creed (WWE's Xavier Woods) and OMGitsfirefoxx, with appearances from Jacksepticeye, Rachel Quirico, Markiplier, Janet Varney, Starbomb, and Cirque du Soleil Sadly, for anyone outside of Austin, the event didn't receive as much attention as it should have, as the festival greatly underplayed this year's awards and scaled back on advertisement and[...]