G4 Relaunch Feels Same Way We Do About Those COPS, Cheaters Marathons

If you're like us, you met the initial news of G4 returning with a bit of skepticism but as you can more than tell by now (and what was promised to us by Head of Brand Blair Herter and Head of Content Kevin Sabbe, and they wouldn't lie), it's all 127% true. Set to launch this summer with returning favorites X-Play and Attack of the Show! as well as WWE wrestler, UpUpDownDown host, hardcore gamer, and newest member of the G4 family Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed), fans will get the opportunity between now and the launch date to have a say in what they see, hear, smell (we heard there's going to be Smell-o-Vision?), touch (your screens), and taste (okay, this is just getting weird). But as much as the new G4 will be a refreshing mix of new and classic, it's safe to say that there are one or two old-school stalwarts from the olden days that won't be making the move.

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Using a clip from The Office that has us feeling that G4 might be working in cooperation with the Peacock streaming service (pure speculation), the folks behind the G4 launch remember the pain we felt that last time the network graced our airwaves. Yup, that's right- the endless COPS and Cheaters marathons where basically fun viewing goes to die a slow, painful death. Fortunately, we're on the same page as G4 because it doesn't look like the shows are getting an invite to the Summer 2021 party.

As we mentioned earlier, Summer 2021 is going to be a big one for G4… but it's a long road between now and then so what are viewers supposed to do? How about helping them with the relaunch? And that's where new interim G4 CEO Jerry_XL comes in because before G4 becomes G4, viewers can be a part of B4G4.

Yup, you read that right. B4G4 is a weekly content series that will air on G4's YouTube and Twitch channels leading up to the official launch date. Fans can offer their thoughts on the content via G4's Reddit community, allowing them to have a direct say in the formation of the new network. Viewers can expect a wide variety of content, including original sketch comedy, game reviews, talent collaborations, music parodies, a G4 take on esports, and more. But wait! There's more! G4's #G4NeedsTalent campaign will continue scouting out new talent for the relaunch, giving those in consideration opportunities to both host on-air as well produce off-air and be a part of a writing team.

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