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28 Thoughts About 28 Comics – Uncanny X-Men, Kung Fu Bible Classics, Batman Eternal, The Death Of Wolverine, Blood Queen, Dejah Mars, Hawkeye Vs Deadpool, Avengers World, Moon Knight, Southern Bastards, Star-Lord, Miracleman, God Is Dead, Extinction Parade, Uber, Alice Cooper, Chaos, Ex Con, Mars Attacks, Indestructible, My Little Pony, Red Sonja, Rogue Trooper, Turok, Squidder, Twilight Zone, Silent Hill and Angry Birds

Well, in Hawkeye Vs Deadpool, they get the characters to do it for them.Thank you Hawkeye in Avengers World A little bit of cultural snobbery to keep the wannabees in line.Warren Ellis has left Moon Knight How do we know? Because someone's mobile phone/cellphone doesn't work. Even Southern Bastards gives you a little bit of[...]

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Talking Comics &#8211 Discussing This Weeks Upcoming Titles From Batgirl Annual To Rai And Southern Bastards

Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Batgirl Annual To Rai And Southern Bastards

Bane #111:11 Batgirl Annual #211:30 Batwoman Annual #111:51 Flash Annual #312:36 Green Lantern New Guardians Annual #214:22 Transformers: More Than Meets Eye #2815:17 Uncanny Avengers Annual #117:26 Amazing Spider-Man #118:37 Southern Bastards #120:15 Rai #121:31 Dream Police #122:56 V-Wars #126:55 Rachel Rising #2527:41 Black Science #628:29 Deadly Class #429:43 All-New X-Men #2630:24 Uber #1231:23 Avengers[...]

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Marvel Now Comic &#038 Costume Review (Part 1): Wolverine Avengers Fantastic Four &#8211 VIDEO

Marvel Now Comic & Costume Review (Part 1): Wolverine, Avengers, Fantastic Four – VIDEO

Welcome to Part 1 of a 2 part series–Comics and Cosplay. Host Ian Mageto, our Senior Cosplay Correspondent and Bleeding Cosplay columnist, reviews the new comics and costumes from Marvel's All New Marvel Now series. Dive into his thoughts on Wolverine, Avengers' World, Ghost Rider, Magneto, Fantastic Four, and more. [youtube]http://youtu.be/Bhh8JMxDwUs[/youtube]   You can subscribe […]

Thirty-Seven Thoughts About Thirty-Six Comics &#8211 X-Files Avengers World Ultimate Spider-Man Cataclysm Batwing Point One Walking Dead God Is Dead A+X AI Batman/Superman Regular Show Savage Wolverine Wolverine Cryptozoic Man Red Rover Charlie Forever Evil: Asylum Protocol Orphans Robocop Last Stand Gravel Stitched Adventure Time Suicide Risk Minimum Wage Crossed Badlands Revolutionary War Black Widow TMNT Green Arrow The Movement Phantom Stranger X-Factor Aphrodite IX Shadowman Bloodshot Sex Criminals And Khan

Swipe File: Thai Electoral Politics And Art Adams Avengers World

Swipe File: Thai Electoral Politics And Art Adams' Avengers World

Avengers World #1 is expected to be a somewhat political comic book, following the events of Infinity and the Avengers titles in creating an Avengers for the whole Earth, defending again alien incursion ""But how will the nations and governments of the world respond to their claim – and what happens when it’s denied?" The[...]

All-New Avengers &#8211 The 1963 Avengers Come To The Present

All-New Avengers – The 1963 Avengers Come To The Present

Well now isn't that sweet, January's Avengers #25 steals a trick from All-New X-Men and brings the original Avengers from the sixties to the present, a trip of fifty years. With Avengers #24.NOW out tomorrow bringing Avengers from the future to the present as well, there's even more reason to look to Brian Bendis for […]