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Editor-In-Chief Mike Marts Leaves AfterShock Comics, For Something New
Titles published by AfterShock Comics include 06 Protocol, Alters, Animosity, Artemis and the Assassin, Babyteeth, Bad Reception, Black-Eyed Kids, Bunny Mask, Bylines in Blood, Chicken Devil, Dark Ark, Dark Red, Jimmy's Little Bastards, Kaiju Score, Lion and the Eagle, Miles To Go, Ocean Will Take Us, Red Atlantis, Rough Riders, Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated, Superzero,[...]
Out Of Body, Bunny Mask, AfterShock Comics June 2021
AfterShock Comics is launching three comic book series in June 2021, Out Of Body #1 by Peter Milligan and Inaki Miranda, Bunny Mask #1 by Paul Tobin and Andrea Mutti, and Seven Swords #1 by Evan Daugherty and Riccardo Mattina, And we also get the return of the delayed BabyTeeth by Donny Cates and Garry[...]
Silver City Launches, Babyteeth Returns - Aftershock May 2021 Solicits
AfterShock Comics gets the back cover of next week's Previews with the return of Babyteeth #17, solicited before the pandemic and now being resolicited with Donny Cates and Gerry Brown But also launching a new comic book series, Silver City, by Olivia Cuartero-Briggs and Luca Merli. Silver City Launches, Babyteeth Returns, Aftershock May 2021 Solicits SILVER CITY[...]
Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Moritat Launch Invincible Red Sonja
Next week's Diamond Previews covers feature the new Invincible Red Sonja #1 by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Moritat from Dynamite Entertainment, as well as the return of Donny Cates and Garry Brown's Babyteeth from AfterShock Comics With Babyteeth promising there are four more issues until the series finally concludes. While the covers also tease Mike[...]
Babyteeth #11 cover by Garry Brown and Mark Englert
Olivia, on the other hand, has had experience inside the Red Realm and has an idea of how to show Sadie how foolish she is being. Babyteeth #11 cover by Garry Brown and Mark Englert Babyteeth #11 is an issue focused on further developing the characters and showing how they've changed since the events at the Way's[...]
Babyteeth #10 cover by Garry Brown
Carl then goes to confront Chris and her demonic associate. Babyteeth #10 cover by Garry Brown and Mark Englert Sadie's recording works as narration and framing for the events that happen in the Way's compound in this issue of Babyteeth Gratefully, this narration doesn't truncate or summarize Sadie and the Captain's escape from the compound Oftentimes, this[...]
New Series Clankillers and Relay Launch in AfterShock's July 2018 Solicits
Plus, Brilliant Trash is receiving its first collected edition. Check out the full details of the solicits below. ANIMOSITY #16 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 07.25.18 writer: Marguerite Bennett artist: Rafael De Latorre color: Rob Schwager letters: Marshall Dillon cover: Rafael De Latorre w/ Marcelo Maiolo As Sandor prowls the Walled City, Jesse must struggle to free herself from the human[...]
Babyteeth #9 cover by Garry Brown and Mike Englert
Also, Heather's time may yet be up, and she will have to get creative if she's going to survive. Babyteeth #9 cover by Garry Brown and Mike Englert Babyteeth comes to a crescendo as Carl launches a brutal assault against Christine's cult that throws everything into even greater chaos Heather and the Captain are barely staying alive,[...]
Comic Book Wins and Losses, Week of March 21st, 2018: Justice League and Thanos Ascendant
As always, Crook delivers some gorgeous artwork to the county. Babyteeth #9 cover by Garry Brown Win: Babyteeth #9 Donny Cates and Garry Brown brought a high-energy and intense issue of Babyteeth, bringing many of the plotlines to an explosive crescendo Plus, Clarke gets to be absolutely terrifying This was another great issue of a fantastic comic series. And[...]
Explore the Lost City with Zack Kaplan and Alvaro Sarraseca: AfterShock June 2018 Solicits
Details below. BABYTEETH Vol 2 Trade Paperback / $14.99 / 128 pages / color / on sale 06.13.18 writer: Donny Cates artist: Garry Brown color: Mark Englert letters: Taylor Esposito cover: Garry Brown w/ Mark Englert Collecting the complete second storyarc from the hit AfterShock series, babyteeth! Crazy Warlock dudes, super secret cabals, inter-dimensional portals, new assassins, and the horrors of airline travel[...]
Babyteeth #8 cover by Garry Brown and Mark Englert
They are soon joined by a demon. Sadie's mother continues her story and how she played her part in the family cult. Babyteeth #8 cover by Garry Brown and Mark Englert With a look into the background of the cult of Babyteeth, we get an interesting contrast between what they think they are serving versus what they are[...]
Babyteeth #7 cover by Garry Brown and Mark Englert
Meanwhile, the Way is being challenged by "the Captain" and Heather Ritter in Maine. Babyteeth #7 cover by Garry Brown and Mark Englert Cults, eldritch forces, and intense violence: I must be in heaven. I almost feel embarrassed that it took me so long to try this one out Had I read it before, I would have known[...]
Rough Riders: Ride or Die, Cold War, And Animosity Coloring Book- Aftershock February 2018 Solicits
Claire's sensibility is delightfully off-kilter." – Kent Falkenberg of BABYTEETH #8 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 02.14.18 writer: Donny Cates artist: Garry Brown color: Mark Englert letterer: Taylor Esposito cover: Garry Brown "Hey, friends, Donny Cates here So here's the thing about this issue: if I were to write even a single true sentence about what happens[...]
AfterShock Comics To Use Babyteeth Success To Push Launch Of Unholy Grail #1
AfterShock Comics has had their first big hit since Animosity with the launch of Babyteeth, written by the hottest comics writer right now, Donny Cates, and drawn by Garry Brown Now they're hoping to spread a little of that love around. AfterShock has stated that any store that orders 75% of their Babyteeth #1 order numbers for the launch[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 11th June 2017 – Marry Him
But what a blast of a launch from Babyteeth, for a non-Big 5 publisher. Batman #24 Dark Knight III Master Race #9 Walking Dead #168 Justice League #22 Star Wars Darth Vader #1 Superman #24 Amazing Spider-Man #28 Babyteeth #1 X-Men Gold #5 Paper Girls #15 Thanks to the following retailers… Dr No's Comics & Games Superstore of Marietta, Georgia Fat Jack's Comicrypt of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Comix Experience Outpost, San[...]
Tomorrow's Comics Today: A Comic Show – Investing In Babyteeth can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: A Comic Show 6.7.17: Babyteeth & The Padawan Killer! ( Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes, Hey Fandom! This is one of those weeks that makes me love being a comic shop guy! Babyteeth #1 by Donny Cates is my pick of the week, it's about[...]