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"Bontu the Glorified" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"
The following cards have been added to the ban list of the Standard format, and the suspended list of the Historic format: Agent of Treachery Fires of Invention The artwork for Agent of Treachery, from the Core Set 2020 expansion set for Magic: the Gathering Illustrated by Igor Kieryluk. Agent of Treachery has been pivotal for various Magic decks in[...]
"Bontu the Glorified" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"
However, the real news is that going forward, Wizards would no longer pre-announce the dates when they would be making similar announcements. Newest on the ban list: pre-announced times Source: Wizards of the Coast Wizards of the Coast had this to say on the matter: Going forward, we'll no longer be making a commitment in advance to when[...]
On the Pioneer Format (and Early Financial Spikes) - "Magic: The Gathering"
Twenty cards were banned from the original set of cards as of the creation of the very first DCI ban list for Magic, not counting the "ante" cards 21 cards were initially banned from Modern when that first came into being And now Wizards has created a format that, almost a month into its run[...]
Pioneer Format Ban List Updated - "Magic: The Gathering"
This past weekend, it was revealed that Pioneer, the newest format to grace the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game, would be receiving updates to its ban list every Monday Yesterday, November 4th, was the first day that the updates started rolling out. This update took a bit of time for Wizards of the Coast to write[...]
"Oathbreaker" Ban List Updated - "Magic: The Gathering"
This past Friday (October 11th), the WeirdCards Charitable Club members responsible for the Oathbreaker ban list decided to do something amazing for the format: they unbanned Recurring Nightmare, one of the most controversially-powerful cards still on the Commander ban list. Source: Weirdcards Charitable Club Recurring Nightmare is a three-mana enchantment that, if not countered, can potentially evade[...]