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The Joker, Batman, Bane, A-Day And Arkham Asylum In Infinite Frontier
Another pillar of classic Gotham falls and sets all the pieces in motion…..In 2021, Gotham City is going to E-X-P-L-O-D-E." Joker War Zone art by Guillem March The events of A-Day will begin to play out in Arkham Asylum in Infinite Frontier #0 and Batman #106, both published today Because the Joker left a little present. Joker poison[...]
Damian Wayne - Going Purple In Infiniter Frontier?
Damian Wayne's new look has been shown off in the new Robin series launching from DC Comics Infinite Frontier in May. Damian Wayne – Born To The Purple In Infinite Frontier? But next week's Batman #106 – and I think I can show you this with no harm done – has Damian Wayne rocking more of a[...]
James Tynion IV Announces New Batman Villain, Miracle Molly
But he has also been talking about Batman and another new character he is introducing with Jorge Jimenez in Batman #106, Miracle Molly He writes;  We have a new character with a partial appearance in 106, who Jorge and I have been hinting at in interviews over the last few months… She is a member of[...]
Simon Saint, the Man Behind Future State Magistrate, in Batman #106
Previous solicitations had stated that; Following the tragic events of Infinite Frontier #1, Batman and his new ally, Ghost-Maker, must reckon with a new gang operating in Gotham City—but are they connected to the reemergence of the Scarecrow? Meanwhile, shadowy billionaire Simon Saint pitches an advanced law-enforcement system to the new mayor! And James Tynion stated in[...]
DC Comics Previews March 2021
And when it comes back? From this Batman #106 preview, it looks like Barbara Gordon will still be playing Oracle's role to Bruce Wayne's Batman And we also get a look at the new Batmobile he's been building – by hand A little more practical, a little less swish? Batman #106 Credit: DC Batman #106 Credit: DC Credit:[...]
Batman Gets A New Partner In March 2021 (Spoilers)
While the full DC Comics solicitations for March 2021 have not yet released, today's Batman #105 reveals some of what we might be expecting in the ongoing Batman series from James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez. Presumably, Batman #106, though these days you never know Spoilers for #105 below, of course. Batman #105 Credit DC Comics. In which[...]