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A scene from the season 2 finale of NOS4A2 (Image: AMC Networks)
As you're about to see, Charlie's about to make a last-ditch effort to escape Christmasland and it appears he might have it- yet something seems off (even by his standards): A scene from the season 2 finale of NOS4A2 (Image: AMC Networks) A scene from the season 2 finale of NOS4A2 (Image: AMC Networks) A scene from the[...]
Doctor Strange #388 cover by Mike del Mundo
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] We relive Bats hopping into Doctor Strange's possessed body, and he shakes the Sorcerer Supreme of Mephisto's delusion Bats tries to shake Stephen loose of the possession, but neither are sure how to do it Worse yet, Strange keeps seeing a specter of Clea, and he keeps trying to chase her down. Doctor Strange #388[...]
Doctor Strange: Damnation #2 cover by Rod Reis
This leaves it up to Wong and Bats to put together a team to save the Sorcerer Supreme This team consists of Iron Fist, Blade, Elsa Bloodstone, Doctor Voodoo, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, and the Man-Thing With this motley crew, Wong lays out his plan, and the group heads to Las Vegas. Doctor Strange: Damnation #2[...]
Doctor Strange #386 cover by Niko Henrichon
While the opening scene with Doctor Strange and the ghost of Bats had the right kind of charm to it, the sequence of Strange playing cards with Mephisto shows that Nick Spencer and Donny Cates may not know the kind of story they have constructed. Considering the horrific images shown in the last issue and the[...]
A Comic Show – Bats, Panthers And Grizzlysharks can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: A Comic Show 5.11.16: Bats, Panthers, & Grizzlysharks! ( Someone had a busy Free Comic Book Day… Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes, Hey Fandom, we survived Free Comic Book Day and are ready for New Comics Now! It's Batweek over here with the beautifully[...]