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Don't Have A Wii U? Don't Worry, You Can Play An 8-Bit Bayonetta Game In Your Browser

BAYONETTAWhen you look back, it is kind of absurd that Bayonetta 2 was a Wii U exclusive. The deal was obviously made before the console came out, so Platinum Games couldn't have known about the trouble the Wii U would have shifting units, but still. One of the most beloved action series in the world only came out on the Wii U.

I've heard a lot of people complain about that too, but mostly just because they just want to get their hands on what some are calling one of the finest in games in its genre. Ever.

Well, here is the tiniest of respite's for you. You can now play a Bayonetta game in your browser. I mean, it isn't the Bayonetta game you want, but I suppose it is something.

If you find yourself surfing on Platinum Games' website and get to a 404 error, you'll be met with this cool little game. You can't move forward or backwards, but you can jump and shoot against oncoming enemies.

It's really hard. My current best after about 3 minutes was 1700. I have no doubt you will smash that on your first try.

Thanks to IGN for pointing this out.

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