The Second Dev Diary For The Bayonetta PC Port Is Here, And Also Some Vanquish News?


Bayonetta is now available on Steam for PC players, but the dev team still have stories to tell about the process of porting the game to PC.  This Dev Diary entry features game director Hideki Kamiya and character designer Mari Shimazaki talking about their favorite parts of Bayonetta and what secrets are left uncovered.

The description of the video reads, "Which of Bayonetta's powers would director Kamiya like to have? Where did that crazy dance number come from? What's up with Bayonetta's mole? Exclusive secrets are revealed in world-premiere interviews with the original creators in Part 2 of SEGA's developer diaries for Bayonetta's debut on PC!"

Also in Bayonetta news, the game got an update on PC today, and according to NeoGAF user Bernardo One, a Vanquish teaser was included as an extra file in the tellingly named EXTRAS folder.

That teaser? This image file.


Many are taking that inclusion to mean that Vanquish will also be getting a PC port sometime soon. Considering the timing of the update, the file, and the "favorites and secrets" focus of today's Dev Diary this one might hold water. SEGA has not made an official announcement either way, however.

The new Dev Diary is below.

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