Get Your Hands On 8-Bit Bayonetta


In the theme of April Fool's jokes that aren't exactly jokes, we've got an  8-bit version of Bayonetta that is fully playable and free to download. While the game is more focused on shooting than fighting and features classic 8-bit mechanics of "jump, shoot, run" it's a pretty fun distraction from all the April Fool's jokes. Because a free game that you can actually play isn't much of a joke. It's not like its a doge meme.

Yes, this is the April Fool's joke about VA-11 Hall-A: A Good Boy Edition, yeah. I don't know either. Pretty sure Dante is actually that Shibainu.

8-bit Bayonetta is a free download on Steam today for Windows. Definitely worth a download, because hey, free game right?

PlatinumGames has had a pretty good time of it, first with the success of NieR: Automata, and now with the best April Fool's joke I've seen all day. The full list of features for this game are goddamn wonderful:

  • Jumping!
  • Double jumping!
  • Shooting!
  • Scoring!
  • Achievements!
  • Wicked chip-tune Bayonetta theme song!

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