Bayonetta Creator Defends Series' Nintendo Exclusivity

Bayonetta Creator Defends Series' Nintendo Exclusivity

Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya recently took to twitter to talk about the series' Nintendo exclusivity. The series began on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010 (2009 in Japan), but the sequel was a Wii U exclusive, and the third entry is going to be a Switch exclusive. This has rubbed some fans the wrong way, so Kamiya decided to address it on Twitter.

Kamiya's defense of the series' longtime exclusive partnership with Nintendo is a pretty interesting read, especially when you consider the fact that Bayonetta 2 is about to launch on the Switch later this week.

Kamiya's passionate defense of Bayonetta 3's Switch exclusivity mostly stems from the fact that, without Nintendo and Sega, we wouldn't have gotten Bayonetta 2, not to mention the upcoming sequel. The truth comes down to property rights, which lay with the rights owners. In this case, the rights belonged to Sega exclusively, which resulted in the first game's release on Xbox 360, then later PS3 and Steam. When it came to the sequel, Nintendo stepped in to help fund the game, which led to the Wii U exclusive deal that many fans were unhappy with.

But that exclusivity contract is the very reason why we're getting Bayonetta 3 in the first place. Having to play it on the Switch isn't much of a hardship compared to that.

You can check out Kamiya's full thread on Bayonetta below, thanks to Game Informer.

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