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First Trailer For Hatchet 3 Is A Little Bit NSFW

Series creator Adam Green isn't directing this time, handing over to BJ McDonnell, a camera operator on the pervious instalments.Slasher-sceptics probably won't be too convinced by this trailer The faithful, however? I'll see you in the popcorn queue.[youtube][/youtube] The first Hatchet was created in the image of lesser-known 80s slasher movies, and was probably best appreciated[...]

Adam Green Finally Reveals Who Will Direct Hatchet III

If you want to try guessing again, do it now.Wrong! It's steadicam operator BJ McDonnell, and Hatchet III will be his directorial debut McDonnell is the grandson of actor Leif Erikson and came to film from a career in punk rock He's worked on Battle: Los Angeles, Scrubs, The Devil's Rejects and Jonah Hex, along[...]