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Will Prime Minister Contest Reflect Upcoming Doctor Who Regeneration?
It's a retrograde but comforting step, especially for some fans who just never took to a blonde woman Doctor Who, of whom there is a depressingly large number. While the Conservative Party is losing its blonde woman Prime Minister, and rather than replacing her right away with the obvious and most competent candidate Rishi Sunak, we[...]
Comic Book Creators React To... Boris Flying Back to the UK
Boris Johnson was deposed by his Conservative Party MPs and did not choose to stand in the subsequent Conservative Party leadership election Now Liz Truss has been forced to resign after the lack of support – even open hostility – from her MPs was made clear And it looks like Boris Johnson – still an[...]
British Comics Folk React To What On Earth Is Happening In UK Politics
And if they can come up with a single choice so as to avoid another tedious, longwinded and destructive election campaign amongst its members that may even see Boris Johnson return to power. If Liz Truss had lasted until Sunday, then she would have completed a run of every British Prime Minister having an episode of[...]
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Two days ago, Bleeding Cool ran a reaction post to what was happening to the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson MP, and tried to explain what was going on Yesterday Kieron Gillen explained it even more succinctly And now it has been announced that Boris Johnson will be resigning as[...]
Kieron Gillen Explains What's Happening With Boris Better Than Anyone
Yesterday, I posted a Comics Folk React piece about what is happening with Boris Johnson MP, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland With over thirty Conservative Party MPs resigning from their government positions as a result of a matter of trust and competence, including two of the most senior positions, Chancellor of the[...]
Who Will Succeed Boris Johnson? Once & Future #27 Prepares (Spoilers)
And we get a better understanding of who Bors is in this reality. Once & Future #12. Boris Johnson MP, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Who is the furthest thing from chaste – the last week's Private Eye reports he was caught receiving a blow job in the Foreign Office when he was Foreign[...]
Comic Folk React To Whatever Is Going On With Boris Johnson Right Now
Recently, the British public has seen some changing and competing versions of events in government regarding what Boris Johnson MP, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, did or did not know about charges of sexual groping charges against his deputy Chief Whip With government representatives and Ministers giving one version, then having to[...]
Did Monty Nero Predict Boris Johnson's Future In 2015?
The second and third series tell the story of a world beset by a deadly virus, where the British public are forced into an oppressive lockdown which is then ignored by their own Prime Minister Tony Bronson drawn to resemble Boris Johnson, a man with a bumbling persona and a reputation for partying, promiscuity, and[...]
A New Version Of Prime Minister Boris Johnson For The Marvel Universe
In the new Captain Carter comic from Marvel Comics, we see a Peggy Carter who was given the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers in her universe, out of the ice and recruited to serve Britain. And in this reality, the call comes from the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Harry, who looks[...]
Comics Folk React To Boris Johnson, Partygate And Birthday Cake
Everyone in Britain who can get to a TV screen or has the BBC iPlayer on their phone will be tuning in to Boris Johnson for Prime Minister's Question Time today It is not unreasonable to suggest that this might end up being Boris Johnson's last stint as Prime Minister, depending upon what happens next[...]
Boris Johnson, The Sun Newspaper, Partygate and James Slack
All media organisations have been covering the story with gusto for weeks, though The Sun newspaper has been unusually reticent, only covering the story when ministers started to address it, and not with their usual iconoclastic spirit. A Boris Johnson cartoon from a Partygate a few weeks ago. But its latest report, without any journalist being credited[...]
V For Vendetta-Masked Protestsors Throw Fireworks At Police In London
And tonight it all kicked off in Central London. YouTube screencap A Boris Johnson effigy was set on fire in Trafalgar Square as a heady mix of anarchists and anti-vaxxers set fireworks off in conflicts with police, as protestors gathered on Parliament Square, where yesterday Insulate Britain protestors had glued themselves to the tarmac There have been[...]
Prime Minister Boris Johnson - From Hulk To Iron Man?
Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson MP  once liked to compare himself – and Britain as a whole – to the Incredible Hulk, in quite geeky detail In 2019 in an interview with the Mail On Sunday, he talked about Brexit saying that "Banner might be bound in manacles, but when[...]
Phoebe Waller-Bridge & Olivia Colman Get Spitting Image Puppets
This adds to the existing cast of hundreds including Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Prince Andrew, Harry Kane, Vladimir Putin, Harry & Meghan, Beyoncé, Angela Merkel, Dwayne Johnson, Gareth Southgate, Ed Sheeran, Jürgen Klopp, Elon Musk, Adele, Covid-19, James Corden, Emmanuel Macron, Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, and Dominic Cummings. Phoebe Waller-Bridge & Olivia Colman Get[...]
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When last we left them in April, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain had been beheaded by the revived King Arthur, just as he had announced the very existence of magic to the British population But since then, Once & Future has caught up with the world in more ways than one But mostly[...]
British Comic Book Stores, Currently Planning to Open on June 15th
NotComics: Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Boris Johnson has come under considerable criticism of late regarding access to him via his mobile phone number With figures of business able to access him directly, including using the WhatsApp messaging app, there has been considerable criticism and demands that Boris Johnson changes his mobile[...]
The Once And Future Fate of Boris Johnson (Spoiler)
A storyline that merges British myths together, including Camelot and King Arthur, Beowulf and Hot Fuzz, of late, it has featured Prime Minister Boris Johnson (in shadow) as an incarnation of Bors The Younger, son of King Bors, was one of the Knights Of The Road Table In the Monty Python film, he is played by[...]
Johnson and Starmer on Line Of Duty in Prime Minister's Question Time
As Questions about AC-12 and bent coppers were brought up in Prime Minister's Question Time today by Leader Of Her Majesty's Opposition Sir Kier Starmer, MP and Prime Minister of Great Britain and Nirthern Ireland Boris Johnson, MP. Screencap, Prime Minister's Question Time In the House Of Commons, Kier Starmer was addressing the current Greensill scandal involving[...]
The Beano Publishes "Adult Satirical Edition" This Week
The Prime Minister Boris Johnson then lands in town and helps Wilbur Brown stage his getaway, with help from his recently departed chief aide Dominic Cummings as their getaway driver. Mike Stirling, the editorial director of Beano Studios, hopes kids as well as adults will enjoy it "We just wanted to cheer everyone up[...]
Spitting Image Hilariously Charts Dominic Cummings’ Rise and Fall
Spitting Image jumped on Dominic Cummings' sacking from Prime Minister Boris Johnson's cabinet on Friday The show managed to throw in a sketch covering his downfall in this week's episode, which is impressively quick Cummings' fall from grace can be traced back to the coronavirus He got infected back in May and instead of quarantining[...]
Twelve Issues Of Once & Future Just Leading Up To The Biggest Pun?
Something the current government led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson has done a number of times, including proroguing Parliament and announcing they are willing to break international law over Brexit negotiations. Once & Future #12. Bors Boris Bors Boris Was this piece of wordplay the entire point of Once & Future? I would not put it past[...]
Hellblazer and Si Spurrier On Quoting Boris Johnson
And it also features in passing, The Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, better known as Boris. Both in person and be allusion. Si Spurrier On Quoting Prime Minister Boris Johnson In John Constantine: Hellblazer #11 It sees a fear mongering populist racist politician, Clem Thurso, possessed by an ancient demon[...]
All Spitting Image S01E01 Puppets From The Queen to Joe Biden to Greta
Some you have seen in promotional imagery – some you have not. Spitting Image S01E01: Donald Trump, tweeting in quarantine. Spitting Image S01E01 – and his wife, Melania Trump, trapped with him. Spitting Image S01E01: Greta Thunberg, weather forecaster. Spitting Image S01E01: Joe Biden. Spitting Image S01E01: The Queen in a hoodie. Spitting Image S01E01: Prince Andrew, up for abuse. S01E01: Dominic[...]
Spitting Image Gallery of Trump, Johnson, Kayne West, Putin And More
The new trailer however shows that this Spitting Image will be going where no satirical puppet show has gone before. Youtube screencap. A denouement sees Vladimir Putin confronting Donald Trump and Boris Johnson in the sauna. Youtube screencap. A diminutive fellow, Putin takes both on, first tweaking their nipples… Youtube screencap. before his own massive puppet penis swings knocking both Boris[...]
British Comic Book Stores, Currently Planning to Open on June 15th
Yesterday saw Prime Minister Boris Johnson's right-hand man Dominic Cummings try and defend his lockdown-busting behaviour as some kind of vehicular eye-test Which saw officials having to issue public guidance for people to not to use short driving trips to test their eye-sight, even faster than disinfectant manufacturers had to, to stop people injecting themselves[...]
Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson MP, has just addressed the nation, telling us to stay alert, control the virus and plan to open up the country, in a very measured fashion The government's motto "Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives" has been replaced with: "Stay alert, control the[...]
But that is the case with Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland It previous said '6 or 7', it now says 'at least 6' Four children with his second wife Marina Wheeler, a daughter with arts consultant Helen MacIntyre which was kept a secret from all for years, a possible unconfirmed[...]
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Right now that means comic retailer plans to fix the direct market, possible plans from Diamond to begin distribution again, Zoom backgrounds and Boris Johnson Welcome all, to the daily Lying In The Gutters a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail[...]