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When a Comic Book Facebook Group Gets Political The Day Before a General Election

So there's a General Election happening tomorrow in Britain. Yes, another one. It is currently expected that Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party will be returned to government with a small majority – but it is in no way certain. The Conservative Party has had to throw their usual fiscal conservatism to the dogs, and […]

The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192

Frank Cho Mash Up of Avengers: Infinity War and Frozen 2 (SPOILERS)

Okay, okay this will need a spoiler warning sign. Not so much for Avengers: Infinity War because by now, come on. But for Frozen 2 which, you know, is only just out. So. Spoiler warning. Then we'll go see what Frank Cho has drawn for you all. There we go. Another one of his black […]



It's Tuesday morning. The mind wanders… and politics and comic books combine.     Shut up, I don't care. Although saying that, any criticism in the comments will ensure I never do this again. Or, ensure I do it anyway in some Nixonian internally-destructive psychological 'I'll-show-em' fashion. Your call. I apologise now.

The Incredible Hulk Comes to the British Supreme Court

From outside the Supreme Court of Great Britain today, where the court is deciding whether or not the proroguing of Parliament is legal or not. The case will take three days, but that doesn't stop protestors from lining up outside as I was cycling by. Now whether or not Prime Minister Boris Johnson can prorogue […]

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson Gets Smashed By Hulk References

In an interview with the Mail On Sunday, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson MP, compared himself – and Britain – to the Incredible Hulk. In quite specifically geeky detail too. 'Banner might be bound in manacles, but when provoked he would explode out of them. Hulk always escaped, no matter […]

Boris Johnson, New Prime Minister of Britain, is to the Left of Hillary Clinton?

Boris Johnson, New Prime Minister of Britain – to the Left of Hillary Clinton?

#notcomics Boris Johnson, MP has just been elected by members of the Conservative and Unionist Party. And because the Conservatives, with support from the Democratic Unionist Party, have a (slim) majority in the House Of Commons, Boris Johnson will now be Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The current Prime Minister, Theresa May, […]

Boris Johnson On Drugs On The Daily Show

This is Boris Johnson, Mayor of London on drugs. A couple of classic quotes; "Yes, cannabis is dangerous, but no more than other perfectly legal drugs. It's time for a rethink, and the Tory party – the funkiest, most jiving party on Earth – is where it's happening." "I can't remember what my line on […]

Forbidden Planet vs London Underground

Tomorrow, the biggest comic shop in the UK, Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue, London, is having a signing with Jim Mahfood and Scott C, to celebrate their books Carl: The Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Double Fine Action Comics Volume 1. They intend to spend the hours from 4pm to 7pm signing and […]