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You Can Have My Back: Yen Press to Publish BL Fantasy Light Novel
Yen Press announced an acquisition joining its Summer 2023 lineup: You Can Have My Back, a Boys Love fantasy light novel best known for its beautiful illustrations and heartbreaking drama With Boys Love light novels having seen few releases in English, You Can Have My Back is a welcome and refreshing addition to the Yen On imprint. You[...]
Media Do International Adds 20+ Yaoi Digital Manga from Kobunsha
is expanding its manga offerings with more than 20 yaoi/Boys Love exclusive digital manga titles from revered Japanese publisher Kobunsha, available for the first time in English to global readers. Cover art courtesy of Kobunsha, Media Do International The BL/boys love titles were originally published in Japan and English-language editions are being produced by Media Do International[...]
Hirano and Kagiura: Yen Press to Publish Spinoff BL Manga in October
Do they like-like each other? Are they dating? What juicy things do they get up to behind closed doors?! Hirano and Kagiuro continues not only the popularity of the Sasaki and Miyano series but also of the Sports-based Boys Love genre in general The spinoff was collected in two volumes in Japan, which Yen Press will[...]