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Mister Miracle The Source Of Freedom #6 Review: Ambitious
Brandon Easton's script pulling this off was very clever and at a very high degree of difficulty as well When you toss in some fun references (not just the movie one, the great final line) and the great final act surprise, which leads to the story's resolution, it's an earned emotional moment of triumph that[...]
Mister Miracle The Source Of Freedom #1 Review: Ambitious
He goes on a date; he finds a continuity busting new foe (unless "N'vir" translates into "Jacob" somehow, or Wonder Woman's universe reboot at the end of Dark Knights Metal undid a lot of things) and generally kind of reacts to his environment. Brandon Easton's script does a fantastic job of depicting the realities for a[...]
Judge Dredd False Witness #1
(IDW Publishing, creative team: Brandon Easton, Kei Zama, Eva de la Cruz, Shawn Lee) This book is very, very clever From the pop culture taxonomy of Mega-City One neighborhoods to the intricate, timely plot, this issue captures the xenophobia and desperation of an unfortunate number of dystopian eras, including our own A dropout from the school[...]
Eagle-Con 2020 Brings High Powered Guests To Cal State LA
There was a requisite "getting into the industry" panel with Sara Escamilla (graphic designer, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet, Vida) and Michael Allen Glover (art director, Ghosted and Dirty John, assistant art director, Supergirl). Friday saw science fiction writer Brandon Easton (Transformers: War for Cybertron – Siege, Star Trek: Year Five, Marvel Action Spider-Man, Marvel's Agent Carter) receive[...]
Pulp FIction Comics Hosts Jules Winnfield Festival To Celebrate Black Creators
At the close of Black History Month, Culver City retailer Pulp Fiction will launch their first annual celebration of Black creators of comics and pop culture called the Jules Winnfield Festival. Verified guests who will be on hand include Kevin Grevioux (Underworld, New Warriors, Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel), Bryan Edward Hill (Batman and the[...]
'Vampire Hunter: D' TV Series Gets Comics Writer For Pilot
It was announced today that writer Brandon Easton, who is writing the scripts for new Vampire Hunter D comics, has been also brought on to write the pilot for the Unified Pictures series They'll be co-producing the animated series with Japanese CGI animation studio Digital Frontier (Digital Frontier is the studio behind the current CG Resident[...]
Andre The Giant: Closer To Heaven – 24 Trades Of Christmas
He would suffer from constant back problems, not being able to walk after matches in his later career, and warnings that his heart could not handle his size. The trade by writer Brandon Easton and artist Denis Medri takes us from his birth to his death and everywhere in between Its a heartfelt tale of a[...]
Things To Do In Los Angeles Friday If You Like Comics Or Manga
The series is from writer Brandon Easton (Agent Carter) and artist Michael Broussard (Witchblade) and is based on an unreleased shot story by franchise creator Hideyuki Kikuchi The book will also have multiple variant covers. The part starts at 8 PM at HiDeHo Comics (1431 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401). Easton and Broussard will be[...]
Vampire Hunter D To Receive A Message From Mars
The new comic will not effect the upcoming animated series Unified is doing with Digital Frontier. The comic will be written by Brandon Easton (Civil War II: Choosing Sides) and drawn by Michael Broussard (Witchblade) The story adapts Kikuchi's short story Message from Cecile The story is not set on Earth and shows some of the[...]
Things To Do In Los Angeles Tonight If You Like Comics And Agent Carter
Wilkes, visual effects supervisor Sheena Duggal and episode writer Brandon Easton. I spent FCBD sitting next to Brandon who is a lot of fun to talk to, so the panel should be great Plus, he's working on the new M.A.S.K series for IDW coming out later this year You might be able to throw a few[...]
Agent Carter
It was a pretty cool even, constantly busy and included appearances by Stan Lee and Alan Tudyk. I was set up next to Brandon Easton, writer for both television and comics His most recent work on the small screen being for Marvel's Agent Carter season 2 and his next comic project having just been announced, IDW's[...]
IDW To Publish M.A.S.K. Comic Series
will hit comic shops later this year from the creative team of writer Brandon Easton (Marvel's Agent Carter) and artist Tony Vargas (Rot & Ruin). While being mindful and respectful of the source material, the main drive behind bringing this beloved property into the new century is to preserve the old school qualities fans loved growing[...]
Wondercon '15 – The Writers Journey – 'Finish What You Start'
By Michele Brittany, West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent Moderator and host Eisner nominee Brandon Easton, who has worked on ThunderCats and the Andre the Giant biography, assembled a knowledgeable group of individuals to share their experiences in the panel titled The Writer's Journey: Breaking into Comics and Hollywood Scriptwriting Joining Easton was Tony Puryear (Concrete Park,[...]