Caffeine & Drake Forge A Multiyear Livestream Partnership

Today, Caffeine made a brand new announcement that they have forged a new multiyear livestream partnership with recording artist Drake Yes, that Drake! The deal will have Caffeine livestream and co-produce Rap Battles in collaboration with the world’s largest Battle Rap platform The finer details weren't revealed, nor do we have a launch date for[...]

Westeros Gets Starbucks Before Wakanda: That 'Game of Thrones' Cup Oops

'Game of Thrones': HBO Decaffeinates Episode's Starbucks Oops

For any fans of HBO's Game of Thrones still looking for that now-(in)famous Starbucks product placement during recent episode "The Last of the Starks," they'll have to settle for their original recorded version and the internet. HBO has removed "The Coffee Cup Seen 'Round the World" from the episode on streaming platforms HBO Now and […]

21st Century Fox Invests $100 Million in Social Stream Service Caffeine

Chalk this one up to surprises of the week as 21st Century Fox just threw a ton of cash into the online broadcast service Caffeine Thethe social broadcasting platform that has primarily been used as an alternative for gamers who can't get anywhere on Twitch or Mixer just got a massive investment of $100 million[...]

Gaming Broadcast Platform Caffeine Launches New Monetization System

It was only a matter of time before Caffeine threw their hat into the monetization ring This morning, the gaming broadcast platform announced a new plan to allow streamers to earn income off their streams According to the press release, people can purchase "Caffeine Gold" which they will exchange for digital items during broadcasts like[...]

Twitch Gets Some Competition As "Caffeine" Launches Their Own Service

Caffeine is a brand new social streaming service that has finally graduated from being in beta and is now a fully-functional broadcasting site, much in the same vein of how Twitch operates The big differences that the company cites about themselves are that the delay in chat and livestreaming has been cut down significantly, making[...]