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Candy Crush Saga Launches New Campaign With Meghan Trainor
King Ltd announced today that they have started a brand new campaign for Candy Crush Saga featuring Meghan Trainor Trainor will be releasing a brand new music video for "Made You Look" as part of the campaign, which will be a part of her next album, to help celebrate the game's 10th anniversary The music[...]
Sonic The Hedgehog To Take Over Candy Crush Saga
have partnered up to bring Sonic The Hedgehog over to Candy Crush Saga for a limited-time event this week As you might suspect from the interesting crossover and the artwork below, all of this is designed to help promote the brand new movie from Paramount Pictures coming out shortly The event will kick off on[...]
Candy Crush Saga Has Candified LeBron James For Space Jam Legacy
Space Jam: A New Legacy has a new sponsorship happening as they have candified the Looney Tunes and Lebron James in Candy Crush Saga King Games along with Warner Bros have teamed up for a special event running from July 6th-19th, in which the Space Jam: Tune Squad Takeover will have you collecting basketballs in[...]
Activision Blizzard
King's games continued to be two of the top-10 highest grossing titles in US mobile app stores for the eighteenth quarter in a row with Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga coming it at ranks 1 and 2 for the second quarter in a row. As for the future — Activision Blizzard are modestly raising their[...]
Candy Crushed Saga – Fail to the King
By Jared Cornelius Let's take a moment to pretend you're a small game developer, and you receive an e-mail from a law firm.  In that e-mail, you've been told you must change the name of your game because a huge corporation owns a word included in your title, and they find it might cause confusion with their game.  On the[...]