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Catherine: Full Body Gets A new Trailer Before July 7th Release
Atlus has released a new trailer this week for Catherine: Full Body before the game comes out on Nintendo Switch on July 7th For those of you curious about what will be in this version, the game will include all of the previous content and all existing add-on content from the original game, plus three[...]
"Catherine: Full Body" and "XCOM 2 Collection" Rated for Switch in South Korea
Credit: Atlus It looks like the Switch may be adding even more ports to its collection, if a new rating by South Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee is to be believed. It appears that both Catherine: Full Body and XCOM 2 Collection are the latest titles to have been spotted at the organization in terms of[...]
SEGA & Atlus Reveal Their Plans For Gamescom 2019
The two will be focusing on games coming out in the immediate future, which includes Catherine: Full Body, Two Point Hospital for consoles, and the SEGA Mega Drive Mini You can read about all three from their announcement here, but we're kind of surprised they didn't decide to hint at what's coming for Persona 5[...]
Sega and Atlus Reveal What They're Bringing to E3 2018
Finally, during the con, they will debut the latest trailer for Catherine: Full Body, which will coincide with free giveaways on their Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook channels Below are a couple quotes from both companies about the news. "With ATLUS™ approaching its 5th anniversary as part of the SEGA family, we're delighted to finally have one unified stand[...]
Atlus Announce Catherine: Full Body Will Get A Western Release
Earlier this week we found out that Catherine: Full Body will be coming out next winter, but today Atlus USA announced that the game will be getting a western release as well No dates were attached, which is pretty obvious since the current window for the Japanese release is so broad and open But in the[...]