"Celeste" Developer Offers Tips & Tricks To Beating The Game

When it comes to Celeste, there are hundreds of guides and video tutorials online But how many of them came from a developer of the game? Maddy Thorson, the mind behind Matt Makes Games and Extremely OK Games, and the co-creator of the successful indie platformer decided to do something cool this week While there[...]

Chapter Nine Of "Celeste" Arrives On September 9th

Those of you who have been looking forward to the free DLC "Chapter 9" of Celeste won't have to wait much longer as it will release next week The news came down from a brand new company called Extremely OK Games, which is the new gaming company founded by Celeste creator Matt Thorson, which will[...]

Chapter Nine Of Celeste Will Contain Over 100 Levels

If you've been demanding more levels be added to Celeste, then you're in luck, as a new update shows you're going to get your money's worth Granted, the DLC is free, but that's beside the point Ever since the game came out, both average player and the most hardcore of fans have been begging more[...]

Nintendo Revealed Their Best Selling Indie Games on Nintendo Switch

Celeste 9 Golf Story 10 OvercookedSome of the more interesting items of note are the fact that Undertale, as popular as it is, isn't sitting in the top three, as well as Celeste receiving all the praise it did only at number nine It's nice to see the mix of genres as well as there's[...]

A New Celeste Teaser Says Farewell Levels Are Coming Soon

Matt Makes Games posted a new little teaser for the upcoming Farewell Levels this week that will be coming to Celeste, and it seems they're coming sooner than expected The post was made on Twitter, highlighting some of the new music being added to the game, which sounds pretty dope itself But up in the[...]

Celeste Creator Reveals Details of New DLC Coming to the Game

Ever since it was announced we'd be seeing some DLC for Celeste, people have been wondering what exactly it would entail Over the weekend, we got a little taste from Matt Thorson, the game's creator and main dude behind Matt Makes Games, as he released a few details on his Twitter account No visuals to[...]

New York Game Awards: Red Dead Redemption 2 Leads with Six Nods

Ultimate are all being honored by the New York Critics Circle, though Red Dead Redemption 2 leads the pack with six nominations across all categories.The Critics Circle is halso honoring Jade Raymond with the Andrew Yoon Legend Award to recognize her contributions to the gaming industry thoughout her career.The New York Video Game Awards will take place on[...]

Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best Indie Game

Words to live by as thousands of gamers found joy and meaning behind the story told in this year's Best Indie Game, Celeste Matt Thorson and the entire crew he worked with behind Matt Makes Games did an excellent job of creating a single-player platformer that made you want to come back for more Not[...]

The Celeste Soundtrack Will Stream Live for 24 Hours on Twitch

In case you wanted to do a little "try before you buy" with the Celeste soundtrack, Limited Run Games is giving you a chance on New Year's Day The company announced this morning on Twitter that they would be doing a special 24-hour livestream on their Twitch channel where they'll be playing the soundtrack over and[...]

Metroidvania Game Skytorn Has Officially Been Canceled

The news came from Noel Berry, one of the devs who also worked on Celeste and helped bring that video game to fruition The news came down from a post on Medium, where it was explained in detail why the game was put to rest The chief reason being that the game seemed to lack an[...]

Celeste Will Be Getting Some Final Harder Levels in 2019

Matt Thorson, the man behind Celeste and the production company Matt Makes Games, announced that there are some more challenges on the way The word came down from Thorson's Twitter account this week as he thanked fans for making the game a hit and promised them something new on the way.https://twitter.com/MattThorson/status/1076234281196736512If you've taken the time to[...]

Indie Hit Game Celeste is Getting New Levels in 2019

Developer Matt Thorson announced on Twitter today that Celeste has sold over 500,000 copies in 2018 which is the major sales milestone for the game After thanking players for their support of the game, Thorson announced that work is being done on "some farewell Celeste levels, which should be ready in 2019." He went on to describe the[...]

The Game Award Nominees: Red Dead Redemption II, God of War Lead The Way

The 2018 Game Award nominations were announced today.With 8 nominations each including Game of the Year, Red Dead Redemption II and God of War appear to be the games to beat, with Marvel’s Spider-Man not far behind with 7 nominations.Up against the big studio forerunners is Celeste by Matt Makes Games, the creators behind TowerFall[...]

big little lies season 2

Nicole Kidman Shares First Look at Meryl Streep Filming Big Little Lies Season 2

Now that HBO's pretty much gotten the entire band back together, Nicole Kidman (The Hours) has taken to Instagram to share with fans the first image of three-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep (The Post) filming the second season of Big Little Lies:Streep joins the cast as Mary Louise Wright, the mother-in-law of Kidman’s Celeste Wright and[...]

TowerFall Ascension

What's Up with the Delay on the TowerFall Ascension Switch Port?

Developer Matt Makes Games announced both Celeste and TowerFall Ascension would come to the Nintendo Switch last year And while it may have seemed a TowerFall port would likely be released first, it still has yet to be released Meanwhile, Celeste released just last week.Speaking to IGN as part of a larger discussion about independent games on the[...]