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Amazing Spider-Man #795 cover by Alex Ross

Amazing Spider-Man #795 Review: The Plot Padding of the Gods

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Spider-Man is getting used to his new apartment and his new-old job. Meanwhile, Aunt May calls Bobbi Morse for lunch with her and Peter not knowing that they have broken up. Elsewhere, Loki looks to summon Spider-Man to settle an old debt. Yes, I'm back on this one. I've expressed my displeasure with […]

valiant x-o manowar

X-O Manowar Returns to Earth: Valiant Entertainment April 2018 Solicits

Christos Gage's Ninja-K Vol.1 gets collected, Matt Kindt's X-O Manowar returns to Earth, and Elliot Rahal and Joe Bennett's Ninja-K vs the Valiant Universe continues the mayhem, all from Valiant Universe's April solicits More details below.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="780129,780130,780131,780132"]SHADOWMAN (2018) #2 Written by ANDY DIGGLE Art by STEPHEN SEGOVIA Cover A by TONCI ZONJIC Cover B by RENATO GUEDES Interlocking Variant by JUAN JOSÉ RYP Shadowman Icon Variant by BEN TEMPLESMITH Blank[...]

Ninja-K #3 cover by Travor Hairsine and Andy Troy

Ninja-K #3 Review: Ninja-K vs. Ninja-C and the Secrets of MI-6

The team of Giorello, de la Torre, and Rodriguez bring it to life in a stunning fashion, and Christos Gage’s story continues to excite and intrigue despite some pacing issues This one comes recommended Pick it up.[rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"]Ninja-K is locked in a brutal battle with Ninja-C, a previous MI-6 agent who killed[...]

Top Alternative Publisher Comics of 2017 #2: Ninja-K by Christos Gage, Rafael de la Torre, and Tomas Giorella

This, as it turned out, was for good reason, as Ninja-K #2, by Christos Gage, Rafael de la Torre, and Tomas Giorello, is one of the comics that comes to mind first when I think of the best alternative publisher titles I've read this year.[caption id="attachment_766946" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Ninja-K #2 cover by Trevor Hairsine and Andrew Dalhouse[/caption]The first arc of Ninja-K has consisted[...]

Ninja-K #2 cover by Trevor Hairsine and Andrew Dalhouse

Ninja-K #2 Review: Look Out for British Ninjas

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] We are given some history of Ninja-C before we return to the present with Ninja-K interrogating Ninja-D's backup. This doesn't go quite as planned, and Ninja-K must pay a visit to Madame Charade. This leads to an old ninja-training site and another aspect to the mystery. The mixture of James Bond-esque spy thriller, […]

New Series Shadowman by Andy Diggle and Stephen Segovia- Valiant March 2018 Solicits

| T+ | On Sale MARCH 21st[gallery ids="763464,763465,763466,763467"]NINJA-K #5 Written by CHRISTOS GAGE Art by TOMÁS GIORELLO Cover A by TREVOR HAIRSINE Cover B by LUCAS TROYA Interlocking Variant by KENNETH ROCAFORT Ninjak Icon Variant by PHILIP TAN London falling! The murderous assault on MI-6 has spilled out of the shadows and onto the streets of Britain’s capital! With his would-be killer unmasked,[...]

Brian Michael Bendis

Brian Michael Bendis Blinded by MRSA Infection for Days, Now Recovering After "Worst Week of My Life"

There were also kind words from talent like Charles Soule, Greg Pak, and Christos Gage. announced that he will not be able to make his Portugal appearance and gave much love to the hospital that took care of him.'m just glad to hear we didn't lose an industry giant last week when it sounds like we easily could[...]

ninja-K #1

Ninja-K #1 Review: A Strong Start To A Super-Spy Action Adventure

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]Ninja-K #1 from Valiant by Christos Gage, Tomas Giorello, and Diego Rodriguez is the start of a brand new series following the Valiant Universe's resident super spy and ninja expert, British freelance operative Colin King.[caption id="attachment_743875" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Ninja-K #1 cover by Trevor Hairsine[/caption]Ninjak is a character that I actually didn't know much about[...]

Christos Gage and Paolo Villanelli Team Up Rom & The Micronauts For IDW In December

We've known that coming out of IDW's First Strike super-mega-crossover event, we'd be getting a comic called Rom & The Micronauts, because it was included in the First Strike checklist, but now we've got the first details for the book, which hits stores in December.Christos Gage will write with art by Paolo Villanelli and covers by Richard[...]

Valiant's Ninjak #0 Includes Prelude By New Team Christos Gage & Tomas Giorello

Perhaps more importantly, the 40-page issue will also double as an introduction to November’s Ninja-K #1 with a special prelude story by incoming creative team of writer Christos Gage and artist Tomas Giorello. Here’s Valiant’s pitch for their super-spy double feature:FIRST: New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (X-O MANOWAR, Mind MGMT) brings his masterful, record-setting[...]

Christos Gage Dives Into The Ninja Programme With Ninja-K

Word from the Valiant Summit is that writer Christos Gage will be taking on the companies most lethal assassin / secret agent, Ninjak.. or rather Ninja-K The new series with artist Tomas Giorello dives into the history of the Ninja Programme as the trained agents are being hunted down Plus we'll get to learn about[...]

Improbable Previews: Spider-Man Battles Rhino, Gets Creative In Clone Conspiracy Omega

We can’t guarantee 100% accuracy- in fact, our accuracy may be much lower than that – but we can guarantee that it’s better than looking at a bunch of unfinished pages.In this episode of Improbable Previews, we've gotten our hands on two pages from Clone Conspiracy Omega, the aftermath of Marvel's exciting Clone Conspiracy event comic! The[...]

We're All Loners In Our Own Way – Talking Rom With Gage, Ryall And Messina

Sitting down with Christos Cage, Chris Ryall, and David Messina, the four of us talked about bringing Rom back to comics.OK: So for those living under a rock, what’s Rom about?Christos Gage: Rom: The Space Knight is about an alien cyborg who comes to Earth to save us from the Dire Wraiths which are evil[...]

Avatar Press In October 2016 With Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill, Max Brooks, Kieron Gillen, Garth Ennis And Christos Gage

You know, someone should consider a mature readers version of Pokemon Go based on Kieron Gillen and Ignacio Calero's Modded.... Here are Bleeding Cool's owner Avatar Press' solicitations for October 2016.CROSSED VOL 17 TPB $24.99 Cover: Raulo Caceres Writer: Christos Gage Art: Emiliano Urdinola MR, Color, 208 pages TV and Screenwriter Christos Gage returns to the grueling world of Garth Ennis’ Crossed[...]

Civil War II: Spider-Man By Gage And Foreman Announced At C2E2

Announced at the Diamond Retailer Breakfast ahead of C2E2 this morning, the second spin-off series of Civil War II, to follow Civil War II: X-Men, will be Civil War II: Spider-Man, launching in June, and by Christos Gage and Travel Foreman with covers from Khary Randolph.And it looks like he has divided loyalties on this[...]

Alan Moore's Cinema Purgatorio Leads Avatar Press' May 2016 Solicitations

His Providence series with Jacen Burrows gets collected into a limited hardcover edition while a new monthly anthology called Cinema Purgatorio will feature Moore working with his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen partner Kevin O'Neill every month along with creators Max Brooks, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Christos Gage, Raulo Caceres, Michael DiPascale, Ignacio Calero and Gabriel Andrade.Note[...]

Christos Gage Returns To Crossed: Badlands This Week

This features the return of writer Christos Gage as well as his character, Smokey, a crossed that can think Featuring art by Fernandez Reinz and covers by Christian Zanier, Raulo Caceres, German Nobile and Michael DiPascale.Bleeding Cool is a subsidiary of Avatar Press.Crossed: Badlands #94Christos Gage returns to Crossed and to his ultimate killing machine,[...]