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Renegade Game Studios Releasing New Expansion for Clank!

Renegade Game Studios, game designers well-known for such titles as Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid and Space Battle Lunchtime, are releasing an expansion set for their deck-building adventure card game, Clank!, called Clank! Adventuring Party With Clank! Adventuring Party, the game as a whole can be run with upwards of six players (whereas the original Clank! could only be run[...]

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Review: "Clank!" Legacy Acquisitions Incorporated Upper Management Pack

One of the cooler items we got to see a few months ago back at PAX East was the Acquisitions Incorporated Upper Management Pack for Clank! Legacy This is an interesting combination of forces going here as you have Penny Arcade lending their license to both Renegade Game Studios (who own the Clank! IP) and[...]

Penny Arcade Announces Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated

A fun surprise hit the screen just before Acquisitions Incorporated kicked off tonight as we're getting Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated In what is a partnership between Penny Arcade and Dire Wolf Digital, we only got a brief glimpse of what appears to be a pair of character cards for Omin Dran and Jim Darkmagic along with[...]

Fumbling With My Cards In This Dungeon: We Review 'Clank!'

So in the spirit of trying things out, we got ourselves a copy of the game Clank! from Renegade and tried out one of their other deck-building games.The first thing to take note of is that this isn't your average deck-builder, it actually combines that genre with dungeon crawling The game itself is two to[...]