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The Time Traveler’s Wife is an Inferior Remake of River Song's Arc
It's meant to be poignant and romantic, but it's unintentionally turned out to be existential horror. "The Time Traveler's Wife" Image: HBO Moffat turned the adaptation into a visit to many of his greatest hits: the timey-wimey clockwork jigsaw puzzles of Doctor Who, the farcical sex comedy of his hit sitcom Coupling, the bitter marriage battles of[...]
The Time Traveler’s Wife Ep.4: Moffat Recreates His Sitcom Coupling
It's been a huge influence on Moffat and he riffed on it throughout his run on Doctor Who. "The Time Traveler's Wife" Episode 4, image: HBO The fourth episode of The Time Traveler's Wife turned out to be an unexpected remake of the pilot of Moffat's hit 2000 sitcom Coupling That show was the one that put[...]